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  • Matthew Takeda
    ... I haven t seen it anywhere on the www. I was taught a number of instant knots when I started sailing, including an instand clove hitch, an instant figure
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 29, 2004
      hogn8r2004 wrote:
      > > There's still a faster way.
      >Those are the only two ways I know, but I would like to know the way
      >you are thinking of. Maybe a link or something so I can see it.

      I haven't seen it anywhere on the www. I was taught a number of "instant"
      knots when I started sailing, including an instand clove hitch, an instant
      figure of eight, and this one. Minor variations of this particular
      technique make a bowline, double bowline (AKA mountaineering bowline, not
      the bowline on a bight), multiple loop bowline (AKA bowline on a coil,
      again, not on a bight), sheet bend, double sheet bend, and a weaver's knot.
      It's dead simple to demonstrate, but a bit difficult to explain. I'll try,
      but don't expect to get it without a demonstration. The following paragraph
      may be difficult to follow:

      Making the bowline relies on a principle used in one of the variations of
      the weaver's knot: if you insert the end of a line through the loop of a
      slippery overhand knot, then capsize the knot, the result is a weaver's
      knot. If you insert the end of a line going the other way through the loop,
      you get a sheet bend. If you do the same thing and the end you insert is
      the bitter end of the same line the slippery overhand knot is tied in, the
      result is a bowline. The overhand knot is tied in an unusual way: you lay
      the line across the palm of your non-dominant hand, from bottom to top,
      around the back, up the palm again, crossing over towards your thumb, and
      back down the back. Then, you tuck the bitter end down through the loop at
      the bottom of your hand, from the finger side towards the wrist. The loop
      of the slippery knot is the part going over the top of your hand, towards
      your fingers. Slip the bitter end through this loop, going from the thumb
      side towards the finger side, then slip the whole mess off of your hand and
      pull on the standing part to collapse the knot.

      It sounds complicated, but it only takes a second to do. Maybe I should
      take some pictures.

      > > Also, there's something wrong with your tautline (AKA the
      >midshipman's hitch): it's backwards.
      >Right you are again! It's amazing, I can tie that hitch in my sleep,
      >but not when I take pictures of it, go figure. I have deleted the
      >faulty instructions and will post the correct way soon.

      Isn't that the way it always goes? You're perfect until someone is
      watching, then you do something dumb. One of life's little joys.

      >Is there anything else I screwed up? :)

      Not that I can see. You do know that there are already dozens of good knot
      sites on the www, don't you?

      Matthew Takeda
      the JOAT
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