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  • chcoa
    We were discussing this recently on the list and since then I have put more thought into it since I am also a dog hiker. In cooler temps I don t it would be
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 16, 2004
      We were discussing this recently on the list and since then I have
      put more thought into it since I am also a dog hiker. In cooler
      temps I don't it would be worth it to have the dog in a hammock of
      his own, at least not one hanging off the ground. First, it would
      likely take a fair amount of training to get him confident with
      entering and exiting. Second, he could easily puncture the hammock
      fabric, and finally, for heat conservation their is no advantage to
      having him off the ground. My thoughts (albeit untested with my own
      dog to this point) are that a tarp, pad combo would be the most
      efficient regarding heat conservation, weight and flexability. Dogs
      curl up in a ball to retain heat, so a small covered space on the
      ground is perfect. I was even thinking of digging a small hole,
      filling with pine needles or grass then placing the pad or a blanket
      on top for my dog. As for shelter from the elements and to help
      retain heat, I would create this space directly under my hammock. I
      would also, when hiking with my dog, bring a larger tarp so I could
      tie it down closer to the ground on each side resulting in a
      sheltered space for my dog. I don't think my dog would wander in the
      night, she's too much of a chicken but as already mentioned a tie out
      of some kind would probably be a good idea. I would encourage
      something quick release though just in case.

      good luck
      jamie in az

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "vwvancamp" <2swans2@c...>
      > hello, everyone. i've enjoyed reading the posts that are coming to
      > our email--this will be my first post, so here goes...
      > do you think a fairly well-trained 85 # dog would sleep in a
      > hammock of his own(with the bug net that zips at side)? anyone ever
      > tried this? this is some unknown brand of ham that i purchased and
      > have not rec'd yet. what are your thot's?
      > i have searched the archive for dogs/hams and found a few, but not
      > many. the one about the dog tent made w/ silnylon was helpful!
      > we have just purchased two HH's, because we must cut down weight if
      > am to contue to backpack(kneecap replacements, anyone??!!).
      > most importantly, if you DON'T think dog and ham will mix well, is
      > there any one of you that knows what a golden retriever can take as
      > far as cold(we camp in the western mountains at high altitudes--
      > and 30's, some 40's mostly).we have always had him in our little
      > tent. how would you provide for him while hammock camping?maybe he
      > will have to stay at home? would a closed cell army pad under the
      > be enough(he lives indoors), or would more shelter need to be
      > any of your ideas would truly be appreciated. thanks for your time--
      > Happyham
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