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Re: pea pod vs. brazilian style hammocks

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  • ccp5655
    ... Thanks Shane. This gives me something else to think about. Clark
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 12, 2004
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      > wrote:
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      > > What makes the difference in the way the hammocks lay?
      > >
      > > Thanks,
      > > Clark
      > Clark,
      > This is my experience only, so take it for what its worth.
      > I have noticed three things in particular that most significantly
      > affect the "hang" of the hammock, it's sides in particular:
      > 1. Width of the fabric. The wider it is, the greater TENDANCY
      > towards loose sides.
      > 2. Form of end gathering/knoting. If you read Ed Speers book, then
      > you will see how and why the sides of his hammock are so high and
      > tight. It is intentional and serves a purpose. How the fabric is
      > gathered does affect the side tension, and as was discussed earlier
      > this week (or last week), the method of attaching the rope/strap can
      > also affect the side tensions.
      > 3. Finally, how taught the hammock is hung will also affect the
      > tension of the sides.
      > I have a HH, Speer (DIY), a Brazilian (net), and about 4 other DIY
      > experimental hammocks. I like all of them for different reasons and
      > uses. I would not use the Speer to lounge in my back yard, but
      > neither would I use the Brazilian to backpack/camp (I have done it,
      > but there are better solutions now, so I would not any more).
      > My $0.02
      > Shane "Mirage"...
      > PS: I do not like and would not own (having tried several of them)
      > any of the spreader bar style "Hatteras" hammock you always find in
      > the garden centers. They are tippy and awkward, especially if you
      > have children around who like to hang out with you.
      > Theres another $0.01 for ya...

      Thanks Shane. This gives me something else to think about.

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