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Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: Whipped Ends

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  • Doug Campbell
    Using cord, I would think one or two, well tightened double constrictor knots would do the trick, with the seam sewn in the end for the knot to work against.
    Message 1 of 8 , Jun 20, 2004
      Using cord, I would think one or two, well tightened double constrictor knots would do the trick, with the seam sewn in the end for the knot to work against.  This "whipping" idea really has merit for simplicity, cost savings of material, weight savings and greater space in the hammock with the same amount of material purchased.  I like it!

      Rick <ra1@...> wrote:
      Ralph Oborn wrote:

      >So you whipp with the 1 inch strapping?

      No, I used cord.  A picture later this week will help.

      >Or what do you whipp with? then add strapping?
      >How many turns I can't imagine more than 3 with strapping?
      >I to am old enough to rember whipping, now when I try to teach it I
      >get, "Why don't you just melt it" comments.
      >Since for my "cheep and easy" experiments I'm still playing with
      >blue tarps, the hemming is a extra bonus.
      >Finding poly straps locally is a challenge, it seems most is only
      >rated 200 lbs, which is not enough for even a static load. However 1
      >inch motorcycle tie downs are rated around 600 lbs. And they only
      >cost $10.00 for four 6 foot pieces. And they are already sewn. So
      >they meet my cheep and easy criteria. I'm not sure if I trust the
      >cinching hardware, so I,ll probably remove most of it, but I may
      >keep the hooks.

      Two recommendations:  First (best) is Ed Speer's Polyester webbing.  I
      believe it is 900 pound stuff.  I have some and love it. He does not
      list it on his page, but may still have some.  I think it is about $.75
      per yard.  You will need 8-10 yards.  I recommend 10 yards to help with
      big trees.

      He also has 700 lb poly which costs only $.50 per yard.  Great stuff as
      well.  If you also buy 20 yards of no tangle tie outs for a tarp I think
      he may throw in the shipping.  (With an order of both, it is over his
      $15 minimum.)

      See  http://www.speerhammocks.com/Products/PRODUCTLINK2.htm
      near the bottom of the page.

      Another source for good webbing at inexpensive prices is

      Quest Outfitters

      Item 2023, 1 in poly webbing,

      BTW, if you decide to build something light enough to carry backpacking,
      Quest has 1.9 oz ripstop (item #1010) for $5.75 per yard.  3 or 3 1/3
      yards is enough for a single layer hammock and will not set you much
      further back than your blue tarp.  However, it will be much more compact
      and lighter to carry.  If you decide to build a silnylon tarp, they have
      good prices for this and also for noseeum netting.

      Similar deals can be had from Outdoor Wilderness Fabrics on the left
      coast.  Their shipping takes a long time for me near the right coast. 
      But both companies have treated me very well.

      Have fun and bee cheap and easy at the same time!  I buy materials from
      both the commercial fabric places, but when I can order from Ed, I do,
      to help build his business a little.


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