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  • Mirage
    ... is ... sleepers ... that, ... Ray, others, Just to clarify, when I said I slept on my stomach, it was not in a speer style hammock. While I don t mind
    Message 1 of 6 , Jun 7, 2004
      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Ray Garlington"
      <rgarling@y...> wrote:
      > You can be nearly flat in the Speer-style hammock. Side sleeping
      > not a problem. In fact, after hearing from all the stomach
      > I set up mine just to try it. Well, you can position yourself on
      > your stomach, but I couldn't find a position where my faced wasn't
      > plastered up against the hammock bottom fabric. If you solved
      > you could probably get used to sleeping on your stomach, but there
      > is a slight bow (I can't get exactly flat no matter what I try).

      Ray, others,

      Just to clarify, when I said I slept on my stomach, it was not in a
      speer style hammock. While I don't mind having my face squashed
      into the side of the hammock, I haven't been able to eliminate
      the "bow" in my back on this style hammock, when on my stomach. I
      DO sleep VERY comfortably on my side in this hammock though.

      When I slept on my stomach in a hammock, it was in one much more
      like your hammock bliss. It was a Venezuelan, hand made cotton one,
      the was about 10' (yes, 10 FEET) wide and you could lay in almost
      any position, including upside down (i.e., flip the entire hammock
      over while inside, resulting in the opening, being below and my face
      down and peeking through the crack, hammock edges coming down either
      side of my head, kinda cradling it, over my collar bones and one leg
      in either side). I know it sounds very awkward and uncomfortable,
      but in that hammock, and with lots of time in it so I was not afraid
      of falling out, it worked for me.

      YMMV, so I would caution anyone from trying this until they are very
      comfortable with moving around in their hammock and are sure they
      can sleep this way. I don't want someone to get hurt, because they
      fell out sleeping this way. It takes some pratice and sleeping

      You definiately DO NOT want to try this in a Hennessy, and I'm not
      sure it will work in a Speer or any "camping" hammock (bug netting
      gets in the way), but works great on the big, wide and loose Mayan
      style hammocks and the like.

      Shane "Mirage"...

      PS: you've heard, "Hike your own hike", well how about this
      one, "hang your own hammock".
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