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RE: Hammock Camping Cold Weather Report 5

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  • Ed Speer
    Glad to hear of your success..I ve been wanting to try the same setup, but haven t had the time....Ed ... From: geoflyfisher
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 13, 2003
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      Glad to hear of your success..I've been wanting to try the same setup, but haven't had the time....Ed
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      Subject: Hammock Camping Cold Weather Report 5

      13 Feb 2003

      Synopsis:  Success, blissful success!

      Clothing and quilt same as in previous tests. 

      Weather:  Clear, Temp began at 17 and fell to 13 F.  NWS calling the
      wind chill -2 F.  Situated on a rather unprotected open hillside. 

      I modified the Speer hammock by sewing a second line of loop velcro
      along the outside of the hammock edge, on the opposite side from the
      bug net line of velcro and just below it. 

      I modified the insulator, hereafter termed the shell, by removing the
      strings from the long edges and sewing hook velcro to the long
      sides.  I further modified the short edges by converting both hems to
      have simple drawstrings. 

      The shell is applied by tying the drawn up draw strings to each end
      of the hammock (on the outside) and applying the velcro, making a not
      quite sealed compartment with the shell.

      I began the night with a 3/8" (Target) pad in the shell.  While this
      added considerable warmth when compared with the bare hammock, it was
      not enough to stay comfortable.  After 90 minutes I took the pad out
      of the shell and put it in the hammock.  Now the shell was empty, but
      supplied an air pocket about 3 inches thick.  With this set-up I was
      able to sleep reasonably comfortably all night.  Not the best night's
      sleep I ever had, but I did not chill and my toes stayed warm. 

      F2 <><

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