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RE: Hammock Camping Improved air bag insulator for the Garlington Insulator

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  • Ed Speer
    Good going Ray! I really like the idea of recycling newspaper. Thanks for keeping us informed. If this kind of inovation continues, we ll be selling excess
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 10, 2003
      Good going Ray!  I really like the idea of recycling newspaper.  Thanks for keeping us informed.  If this kind of inovation continues, we'll be selling excess energy back to the grid before it's all over!!!  Ed
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      Subject: Hammock Camping Improved air bag insulator for the Garlington Insulator

      Inspired by Rick's testing (geoflyfisher) and Dryer's comments about
      leaves in plastic bags being a good insulator for mobil homes, I did
      some experimenting this weekend and came up with a SIGNIFICANT
      improvement to the airbag insulation idea.

      Rick had tried the insulator at below freezing temps and reported that
      his back was too cold.  He guessed the temp was 50-60 degrees on his
      back. In the interest of science, I borrowed my wifes indoor/outdoor
      thermometer and taped the 'outdoor' sensor to the middle of my back. 
      I tied the thermometer body ('indoor' sensor) to my belt and spent
      several hours measuring temps (all farenheit).  Upperbody clothing was
      a cotton tee shirt and a UNC sweatshirt (go heels). Lower body
      clothing was 100wt fleece and dockers cotton pants. Socks were
      smartwool.  All testing was done without additional insulation. I just
      had the t-shirt/sweatshirt lying directly on the target surface.

      sitting on a leather couch:   back 90-92
      lying in bed:  back 90
      in HH with air bag insulation:  ambient temp 32, back temp 78

      (I would like to corroborate Rick's impression here.  Sustained
      contact with 78*F feels too cold.  It can be tolerated, but isn't

      in HH with improved air bag insulation:  ambient temp 30, back temp 88

      OK, with the improved airbag, we are in the ballpark with lying in bed
      in a heated house!  Subjectively, your back feels 'warm' at 88
      degrees, and the hammock was quite comfortable in this configuration.

      Improved air bag

      Dryer (@ Lightweight Backpacking) mentioned using leaves as an
      insulating material; however, I didn't like the idea of the leaves
      punching holes in the airbag, nor the idea that you would have to
      disturb the ground cover to get them.  Besides, leaves taken from the
      ground are likely to be a little wet.  So, I needed something
      leaf-like, but cheap and light.  The 'solution'?

      Get about 6 double-wide sheets of newspaper.  Crumble each one into a
      tight ball to put a large number of wrinkles into each sheet.  Unfold 
      them, stack them lightly, and arrange them to fit into your plastic
      bag(s).  I currently am using one large bag (about 50 gal size).  I
      laid them out with about a 4" overlap in the middle and slid them into
      the bag.  Trapped a little air, tied off the bag, and slid the
      contraption into the Garlington Insulator shell. Voila!  My plastic
      bag & 6 sheets of newspaper weighs in at 6oz.  I thought the airbag by
      itself worked well.... this is magic.

      many thanks to Rick and Dryer!!!!!!!!

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