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RE: Hammock Camping Was: Poly Web, Now New Speer Hammock

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  • Ed Speer
    Thanks for the stories Rick--I really love peoples first reaction to my hammock. I had much the same reaction with some new users in Georgia this weekend.
    Message 1 of 8 , Feb 10, 2003
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      Thanks for the stories Rick--I really love peoples' first reaction to my hammock.  I had much the same reaction with some new users in Georgia this weekend.  I'm probaly more pleased with people's reaction to the hammocks' comfort than I am with actual purchase orders.  I've enjoyed my hammock for many years now and thousands of wilderness miles--I get a great kick out of seeing other people find the same enjoyment.  All the best and happy hammocking...Ed

      Thanks for the kind offer to sell the web, essentially at your cost. 
      Being impulsive and impatient, I will need to get some for the Next
      hammock. (You can't make just one.)

      I stopped at the fabric store and bought 10 feet of 1.9 ripstop.  My
      choice was black or white... I chose black.  Also 10 yards of poly
      pro of unknown strength, 4.5 yards of velcro.  Total cost $45.

      Using your directions, it too all of an hour to sear the ends, hem
      the edges, sew the velcro, tie the knots and sew the ends of the

      I REALLY like your method of attaching the hammock with your wrapping
      instead of knots!  I put the Jardine tarp over it, and Diane is
      outside taking her Sunday afternoon snooze in it.. (With quilt and
      Target 27"wide pad.)  It's 27 degrees outside. 

      First time she has ever been in a hammock.  I suggested she get out
      and let my 14 year old try it.  (She had been in it for about a half
      hour.)  I quote:  "Tell him to come out in an hour or so to try it. 
      (Sleepy) Goodbye..."

      I am going to try it at mid 20s tonight without an insulator and with
      only the one pad - at least for a while.  We are scheduled to
      get 1-2 inches of snow with a little wind.  I wish I had the bug net
      done to keep the flakes out.  Somewhere in the house I have 4 yards
      of noseeum... Oh well...

      Oh, and by the way, the web seems strong enough...  but if I break my
      shoulder I will get some of your polyester...  The polypro cost me
      more than your good stuff!


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