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Re: Down Under quilt Production

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  • upricon
    Brian, I am currently making an underquilt with a friend of mine who is a professional grader (pattern maker). I will send you gratis the pattern he creates
    Message 1 of 9 , Mar 26, 2004

      I am currently making an underquilt with a friend of mine who is a
      professional grader (pattern maker). I will send you gratis the
      pattern he creates when we are done, which should be within the next
      3 weeks.

      Todd Homchick

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Brian MacMillin" <oes@h...>
      > Ok, looks like I'm going to have to make my official statement:
      > As some of you know, I am only a sophomore in high school, so I am
      > a full time student. I have relatively little time for working, as
      I am
      > currently working on my eagle project, as well as all of my school
      > duties. I have been striving ever since I was 6 to be an engineer,
      > all that @*&#@ math takes so much time.
      > Anyway, back to under quilts. At this time, I may start a prototype
      > model if I have some free time. I am very busy with my tarp
      orders. I
      > realize that there may be a much bigger market for under quilts.
      > currently I don't need\want a bigger market. I could advertise on
      > forums. I could purchase other advertising. But I cannot handle any
      > large influx of orders. I am only one person. I am working an
      > amount, and am making a name for myself. I have a large number of
      > interested in under quilts. But even if I did begin manufacturing
      > I would presume that I would not be ready for "full scale"
      > until at least June. I am leaving for a 26 day bike tour of Nova
      > in July. Maybe I could get under quilts ready come august, and
      make "a
      > lot" of them, and then sell them when it gets cooler. I have a
      > source of 800fill down (along with 11oz currently), and have a
      source of
      > other materials. But, I have no experience using down. I know how I
      > should do it, but I have not applied any of my to-be-refined
      skills in
      > making any down products.
      > So, the basic answer is: for the time being, No. I will not be
      > any under quilts anytime within the next couple of months for
      sale. I
      > may make one or two as prototypes, but these won't be for sale as
      > yet. I will include pictures and theories to how it works, but no
      > My tarp business is keeping me busy for at least the next 2-3
      > and I am not ready do develop any new products as of yet. I am
      > reasonable sure that I will eventually make under quilts for sale,
      > no ideas as of pricing and weight. I'm sorry for any
      disappointment this
      > may have caused, but this is how I am going to operate in the next
      > couple months.
      > Best Regards,
      > Brian MacMillin
      > OutdoorEquipmentSupplier
      > oes@h...
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      > From: Robert Moore [mailto:simva4040@y...]
      > Sent: Thursday, March 25, 2004 11:10 PM
      > To: Brian MacMillin
      > Subject: RE: [Hammock Camping] Brian MacMillan's e-mail????
      > Wow that was quick! Actually it was to question whether you were
      > to get into the down underquilt business. It appears some of us
      > taken by WhiteKnight and if anything you are trustworthy!
      > Robert
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