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RE: [Hammock Camping] Re: Down Peapod -- first impressions

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  • Ed Speer
    Thanks for the report Tripp--sounds like a great hike. Any chance you can make our hammock hangers campout this weekend? ...Ed Moderator, Hammock
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 25, 2004
      Thanks for the report Tripp--sounds like a great hike. Any chance you can
      make our hammock hangers campout this weekend? ...Ed Moderator, Hammock

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      > Subject: [Hammock Camping] Re: Down Peapod -- first impressions
      > Well, it took almost two months before I got a chance to test the
      > down peapod in the backcountry, but finally, on March 12, I was able
      > to get back out for another section hike on the AT. We were out for
      > 3 nights, starting late afternoon on Friday from Low Gap, TN (just
      > below Damascus) and heading scouth, ending on Monday afternoon at
      > Dennis Cove Road.
      > The first night out was the coldest. I used basically the same
      > setup as described in the original post below.
      > * Speer 8.0A hammock (with tarp but without bug net)
      > * Down Peapod with 1 oz overstuffing on the down
      > * REI SubKilo down sleeping bag (20 degree rating) used as a top
      > blanket
      > * I put a down vest (which I carry winter camping) between
      > the peapod and the hammock bottom (vest was unzipped and open)
      > underneath my torso
      > * I was dressed in smartwool socks; duofold "long johns" pants;
      > a long sleeve turtleneck duofold shirt; mid-weight fleece jacket;
      > and turtle fur fleece hat
      > By the way, I consider myself to be a very cold sleeper.
      > Friday night it dropped to 23 degrees. There was a gentle breeze,
      > but for the most part the air was calm. Inside the peapod but
      > outside of my sleeping bag, I checked the temperature at various
      > times throughout the night and morning and always found it to be in
      > the 60's. I slept warm . . . perhaps too warm at times . . . and
      > had to unzip my jacket and open up the peapod a little more at times
      > to let some of the warm air out.
      > The second night it was about 10 degrees warmer. I opted to dress a
      > little lighter and only used the sleeping bag in the hours just
      > before dawn when it was coolest.
      > The final night on Pond Flats was balmy, by comparison, with the
      > temp getting to just below 40 degrees. I stayed with the lighter
      > clothing and did not even unpack the sleeping bag, but instead
      > relied on the peapod alone for warmth. Again, just before dawn was
      > the only time that I got a little cool. At that point, if I had had
      > the sleeping bag at easy grasp I would have used it, but I was not
      > uncomfortable enough to warrant getting out the bag.
      > All in all, I was very pleased. This showed me that my setup can
      > easily keep me comfortable to the low 20's, and probably a little
      > below that.
      > If all goes well, I'll get to go back this weekend for a single
      > overnighter to finish up the next small section (14 miles) into
      > Damascus. I can't wait!!
      > Tripp
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