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Re: [Hammock Camping] Re;Scotts uderquilt

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  • Sally Kelley
    Amy: You are so sweet and a very patient person. Go to hammockcamping group and do a search underquilt Scott and you will see this situation at the onset.
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 23, 2004
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      Amy: You are so sweet and a very patient person. Go to hammockcamping group and do a search "underquilt Scott" and you will see this situation at the onset. I've copied the original message here. It appears Scott was drumming up the business and there was a message from someone who indicated this was the reason for this group in the search results. I do hope you get your ordered product...there are at least nine others who may not, including my hiking partner and friend. Sally
      "--- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "subypower" <a9144me@a...>
      i am thinking of producing HH under quilts ready for stuffing. they
      would be in 2 possilbe configurations,  a 1 inch 3/4 length and a
      full length 20 to 3 inch version. cost would be about 60 for the 3/4
      and 80 for the full length, how many would be interested in them?

      the reason that you would stuff em is then you can decide what fill
      power therefore the weight you want. and the pattern i have is pretty
      generic but works well. it is the same one as i used to make my
      underquilt you can see in the photo section. it would be a 1.1 shell
      inside and out with dwr on the outside, with removable fixed cords on
      the head end and 3/16 shock cord on the foot end. the reason for the
      cords to be removable is in warmer weather they can double as a

      if you ask me a 3 inch 3/4 is good to 20, from my experance, but i
      know some would want a full length so they would not have to put
      their bag to their butt in colder weather.

      please email or post here if i can get 10 people who would promise to
      buy em i would make a run of em, turn around would be a month.

      white knight

      Amy <askowronek@...> wrote:

      On Tuesday, March 23, 2004, at 08:13 AM, bobmac18704 wrote:

      > What i don't understand is why this guy who posted nearly every day
      > trying to sell these things has never made an attempt to explain
      > things. Internet fraud is a serious offence and is dealt with serious
      > consequences.Scott; if you're out there ma man i'd advise you to come
      > forth, or pay the piper.

      Okay, this is my last post on the topic and then I'll shut up.

      I'd like to point out that

      1)  This was his first time making quilts for others.  He is not a pro. (Understandable)
      2)  He only asked for half up front, so you're not out the whole
      amount.  (At least from
      me.. Was that the case with everybody?) (Were you not certain?)
      3)  So far, he's not any slower than the guy at Wanderlust Gear, and HE
      does it for a living! (I'm sure he would keep his customers informed or else he'll need to change jobs for a living).
      4)  He didn't post every day trying to sell them.  After a lot of
      people had said they wished somebody made them, he volunteered to make
      some if enough people were interested. (Check out the search results and especially his last post).

      What happened with the person who was going to contact Scott by phone? (Amy: I would suggest, Amy, that since you are a customer and in the interests of fairness towards this man, that you call and post your results of your conversation to those who are fearful of losing their money. Was it you that he came by the house to measure your hammock?)sally


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