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Re: [Hammock Camping] Using a knot for webbing rather than sewing

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  • Rick
    ... See: http://www.imrisk.com/testhammock/testhammock.htm Rick
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 8, 2004
      matthulbert wrote:

      >A while back somebody posted that they attached the webbing to the
      >hammock body using a knot rather than sewing. I never was able to sew
      >the straps very well, I'm not sure why.
      >But the knot idea sounded cooler anyway, that way I can make
      >new/different hammock bodies and then swap or steal the straps off of
      >an older one.
      >I can't remember what knot the person recommended. I forgot to save it
      >for future reference and the search function on the groups isn't
      >searching the whole archive. Someone else commented on this before. It
      >seems to only search the most recent posts.


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