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RE: [Hammock Camping] Re: RE: RE: Contacting Big Agnes and Tom Hennessey

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  • firefly
    I don t need to talk to him, I was just trying to help. Thanks, though. Marsanne Marsanne- I will send you a private Post Scirpt. Please read it before
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 1, 2004

      I don’t need to talk to him, I was just trying to help. Thanks, though.




      "I will send you a private Post Scirpt."  Please read it before deleting.

      Tom went to New Zealand sometime around our Thanksgiving, maybe before.  He bought property in New Zealand and was fixing up some building to be habitable as a "cottage" before his wife joined him near or after Christmas.

      Like many others in cottage industries, Tom has had multiple enterprises running simultaneously.  And, like many other, well, geniuses, he tends to hyper focus on what is "in  his face" while other things end up falling by the wayside.  This is a luxury probably more often enjoyed by men than women.  {I'm not being sarcastic or wise, I actually believe this.  In our evolutionary processes, it made sense for men, the hunters, to pursue game to the finish or until they, themselves, dropped.  If women focused on some project until it was totally done to perfection, ignoring all else, most of the babies would have died of starvation or crawled off to drown or some other doom.  There are some biological differences between the sexes that make women's bodies better for surviving cold while suiting men for hunting in the cold.  Bizarre, yes, but apparently true.  End of sidebar rant.. 8-) }

      I heard from Ann (from NZ) and it appears Tom did some more experimenting with under hammock insulation and we may be hearing about it soon.  They don't actually clear their plans with me.  Once or twice a year I will get their permission to buy a batch of hammocks and run promotion somewhere, like "The Gathering" or one of the "Rucks."  While we are working out details for these promos, I MIGHT get some insider info.  I really don't know when they will return to Canada, but I would guess within a month, or six weeks, anticipating Tom will want to get to Trail Days.

      I know it is disappointing to have E-mails or questions unanswered.  It could be many things, including Ann passed a message on to Tom and he got busy and forgot.  Sometimes they have problems with the underwater cable that carries electronic media to the island on which they live.  I can't tell you what happened.  I've had messages unanswered, though not many.  Some of Tom's replies have gotten lost.  The site gives an "800" number, when the Hennessys are back, I suggest you try calling.  Maybe you can set a time that might be good to call and talk specifically to Tom or Ann.

      Good Luck!



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