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Re: [Hammock Camping] Shane- the MacCat-Catenary Cut?

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  • Bill Fornshell
    Hi, I have a Moss Heptawing Tarp that I have always refereed to as a type of Catenary Cut or Curve tarp. Bill Moss called it a Hyperbolic Parabola. I really
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 28, 2004
      Hi, I have a Moss Heptawing Tarp that I have always
      refereed to as a type of Catenary Cut or Curve tarp.
      Bill Moss called it a "Hyperbolic Parabola." I really
      like the tarp design and size and would only replace
      it with another one of the same pattern, but lighter.
      I am also a Potter and have built or helped build a
      number of Catenary Arch Kilns. To create the Catenary
      curve we would decide how wide the base of the Kiln
      would be and how tall the kiln would be. Then working
      upside down we would attach a chain to a wall on the
      left side of the base, drop the chain down as far as
      the kiln was tall, then bring the other end of the
      chain up and attach it to the right side of the base.
      The natural drape of the chain gave us our Cantenary
      Arch or curve. I don't know how this comes into play
      for a tarp design. I would guess it was all done with
      a computer program. If you look at this web site you
      can see several pictures of the Heptawing.


      I just hung my Heptawing Trap outside long enough to
      take a picture of it attached only at the ridge-line.
      The sides are just hanging down and you get a good
      side view. When the Heptawing is hung between two
      trees as I would to cover my Hammock, the ridge-line
      curve is not very noticeable. When I use the tent
      poles that came with the tarp the curve is much more
      noticeable. I was told that MSR, who now sells the
      Moss line of tarp, is going to stop selling the

      Does any of this make any difference, I don't know
      that answer. I have some .64oz silnylon and will make
      a copy my tarp some day in the lighter material. I
      should be able to go from 23oz to about 7 or 8oz.
      Would I buy a tarp of this design at the lower weight
      to keep from making my own, Yes, I think so. Hint -

      --- simva4040 <simva4040@...> wrote:
      > Hmmmm, never thought about a catenary cut
      > ridgeline??? I will study
      > catenary cuts tonight when I can..but by definition:
      > SYLLABICATION: cat�e�nar�y
      > PRONUNCIATION: AUDIO: ktn-r, k-tn-r KEY
      > NOUN: Inflected forms: pl. cat�e�nar�ies
      > 1. The curve formed by a perfectly flexible,
      > uniformly dense, and
      > inextensible cable suspended from its endpoints. It
      > is identical to
      > the graph of a hyperbolic cosine.
      > 2. Something having the general shape of this curve.
      > ETYMOLOGY: New Latin catnria, from Latin, feminine
      > of catnrius,
      > relating to a chain, from catna, chain.
      > OTHER FORMS: cate�nary ?ADJEC

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