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Re: [Hammock Camping] Pipe cot finished and used

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  • Rick
    ... Dent, Pictures soon, I hope? Rick
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 27, 2004
      Dent Alastair wrote:

      >Finally got round to building that pipe cot in my boat. Used an old
      >cotton 'net' blanket, and 'stitched' it together with 5mm shock cord.
      >The blanket went right round the pipes and I stitched it underneath.
      >Slept in it last night - just chucked double duvet in it, slept on one
      >half with rest pulled over me.
      >It worked very well - the blanket stretched a lot, but was comfy, and
      >not cold against skin when legs strayed out of duvet.
      >Now, if I only had the room to make a double version . . .

      Pictures soon, I hope?

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