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Buffalo pile

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  • Tee
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 20, 2004

      At 11:00 AM 2/20/04 +0000, you wrote:
      >The 'wettest village' would have been WasteWater.
      >York is possibly wetter - last winter, temp didn't get above 40F,
      >humidity over 98% for a fortnight - everything soaked.
      >Buffalo pile is a combination of a pertex outer with a pile lining -
      >the pile is a like a directional fleece. It isn't waterproof, but
      >remains warming even if soaked. Buffalo make clothing and bags - I
      >have a supersummerweight bag, which I use in summer and winter -
      >combining it with clothes in winter - down to about 20F.
      >The expedition weight bags are much favoured for extreme latitude sea-
      >based expeditions, because you could be utterly soaking wet, be put
      >in a buffalo bag, and immediately start warmingup and drying out.
      >The penalty is that they are heavy, and *very* bulky.
      >BTW, June is 'dry' season in the lake district.
      >Few people wild camp in the UK. In national parks, you are allowed
      >to overnight camp above 1000ft altitude, almost anywhere. Few people
      >do, as it is usually only a mile or 2 extra to a nice cosy pub.
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