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  • Ralph Oborn
    Yeah, but whenever I try it anyway, you guessed it the house falls down. :] Ralph PS Do they Stack???? That is the question??? ... or ... of ... I ... cold
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 17, 2004
      Yeah, but whenever I try it anyway, you guessed it the house falls
      down. :]

      PS Do they Stack???? That is the question???

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "canoetrip_2000"
      <firefly@e...> wrote:
      > I got my Big Agnes Lost Ranger +15 down bag and tried it out
      > Sunday night in my living room, on the floor.
      > The reasons I ordered it:
      > 1. All insulation on top, not wasted on the bottom, making it a
      > potentially good hammock bag.
      > 2. Sleeve on bottom to hold pad.
      > 3. Smaller sleeve insert attached inside the hood to hold pillow,
      > extra clothes stuffed inside that thing to act like a pillow
      > 4. It's a modified mummy, not exactly a rectangular, but in
      > between. When I was on that AT hike in January I was putting lots
      > stuff in the bag with me, like the Pocket Rocket canister, my cell
      > phone, headlamp, and extra socks, so the heat from my body would
      > keep these things warm. This fills the space in a mummy pretty
      > quickly.
      > 5. It was on sale at REI, down to $154 from $203
      > Keep in mind I have been fussing about my Thermarests. (I suppose
      > that is an understatement, LOL!) Well, I slid
      > a Thermarest into the bag sleeve, stuck in a small pillow, and
      > drifted off into a nap, on my living room floor, Sunday afternoon.
      > was exhausted from the family stuff last week, but I was very happy
      > with the set up, especially being able to trap the pad and pillow
      > and not having to chase those things around. This gives me more
      > weather camping options, because I can use the Thermarest, and I
      > think it would be even better over a closed cell foam pad because I
      > could still feel the floor.
      > My Thermarests are no longer for sale. <G> And I would still
      > sleep in a hammock. We had a house full of people at Mom's last
      > week, immediate family, too cheap to get hotel rooms. I wanted to
      > hang my HH from one of the exposed beams in my mom's living room,
      > but I would have had to use a ladder to reach the beams to do the
      > set up. Have any of you ever hung a hammock from high overhead
      > beams? I thought I could space rope loops far apart, hanging low
      > enough I could have reached them by just standing on the floor,
      > I ultimately was too tired to fool with that and Mom was looking
      > me funny...She was making noises about "don't pull the house
      > Grieving widow, didn't want to whack her....
      > Marsanne
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