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6th SEHHA Trip!

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  • Ed Speer
    It s time for our first SouthEast Hammock Hangers Association campout of 2004!!! You don t want to miss this one--it s an easy Saturday night at a commerical
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      It's time for our first SouthEast Hammock Hangers Association campout
      of 2004!!! You don't want to miss this one--it's an easy Saturday
      night at a commerical campground! That's right, no hiking--this is
      car camping at its' best, so no one has an excuss to miss it. We're
      hoping this site will become an annual Spring event--another reason
      not to let this one pass you by.

      6th SHHA Campout
      Rainbow Springs Campground
      Franklin, NC
      Saturday March 27, 2004

      Join us for the 6th Southeast Hammock Hangers Association campout on
      Saturday, March 27, 2004. It's FREE, except for your camping fee!
      This is an informal group event and everyone is welcome--veteran,
      novice or future hammockers. See, learn and share your knowledge
      with other hammock enthusiasts. This will be an easy overnight
      campout at a commercial campground in a beautiful mountain setting at
      3,700 feet elevation near the Appalachian Trail in western North
      Carolina. Join me, Ed Speer, author of the Hammock Camping book and
      editor of the Hammock Camping Newsletters for a fun early-spring
      campout. Previous trips were run in February, April, September,
      November and December last year and this is another chance for
      hammockers to show their stuff, share ideas, learn from others, and
      be a part of the 'new way'. Meet old friends and make new ones!
      Check out the newest stay-warm gear! Everyone will be responsible
      for his or her own transportation, gear, food and behavior; as well
      as camping fees.

      We will camp in the Rainbow Springs Campground only 15 minutes drive
      west of Franklin, NC on US 64. The campground is located 1/2 mile
      east of US 64 on the Old Murphy Road (Old 64)--sign at intersection
      says Wallace Gap and Standing Indian). The campground is situated on
      the Nantahala River on the west flank of Standing Indian Mountain,
      which is a memorable landmark on the Appalachian Trail. Road access
      to the campground is from Franklin or Murphy, NC--complete auto, food
      and lodging accommodations can be found in either town. Bring
      hammock stands if you have them--we will also provide stands.

      Show up anytime and leave anytime, but don't miss the informal
      Saturday afternoon demos (~4 to 6 pm). We will later fix dinner
      together. Upon arrival, check in at the campground office.

      Find complete campground details and driving directions at:

      Located only one mile west of Wallace Gap, the campground is a
      popular stop for hikers on the AT. In addition to the camp store,
      hikers this year will find a new outfitter store! (Mountain Crossings
      Outpost--operated by the popular outfitter at Neel's Gap, GA).

      Early spring temperatures at this elevation can fluctuate wildly, so
      expect daytime temps of 25-600F and nighttime temps of 10-400F.
      Although unlikely, the campout will be cancelled if ice or snow
      creates dangerous driving conditions--each person should make their
      own wise decisions.

      There are plenty of spectacular trails in this area for folks looking
      for more adventure before or after the weekend--hiking, kayaking,
      fishing, waterfalls, etc!
      Some useful Appalachian Trail information can be found at the web
      links below:
      http://www.appalachiantrail.org/ Appalachian Trail Conference
      http://www.nps.gov/appa/ National Park AT
      http://gorp.away.com/gorp/resource/us_trail/appalach.htm GORP AT
      http://georgiatrails.com/features/apptrail.html Georgia Trails AT
      http://georgiatrails.com/trails/southterm.html Access Trail--
      Amicalola Falls SP
      http://www.fred.net/kathy/at.html Appalachian Trail facts
      http://www.rhodesmill.org/thefox/maps.html Nat'l Park Service AT maps

      Signing up is not necessary, but letting me know will be appreciated--
      you may email me at: ed@... or call (828) 724-4444

      Everyone Welcome! ....Ed "Not To Worry" Speer
    • homeshoppingbargains
      Anyone interested in tacking on a 2 nighter to this trip? I was thinking about getting up there earlier, say Thursday noon and hiking from the Standing Indian
      Message 2 of 2 , Feb 16 6:25 AM
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        Anyone interested in tacking on a 2 nighter to this trip? I was
        thinking about getting up there earlier, say Thursday noon and hiking
        from the Standing Indian Cmapground backcountry parking lot, up the
        Kimsey Creek Trail to Standing Indian Shelter. The next day hike the
        AT around to Albert Mtn to the shelter and then Saturday morning hike
        back to the car at the parking lot.

        Anyone else interested? It is an easy hike with the challenge of
        climbing up Albert Mtn. Good for that first warmup hike of the year.

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