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Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: Drop stitched bottom hammock?

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  • Rick
    ... Matthew, My error. I have seen the material you are talking about. It is very nice for it s purpose. Thanks for setting the record straight. Rick
    Message 1 of 4 , Jan 26, 2004
      Matthew Takeda wrote:
      Rick wrote:
      ibeboatin wrote:
      Anyone ever think of using drop stitching as a method of making a
      double bottom for warmth in a hammock? I seem to recall that stich is
      used to create an extremely durable floor for w/water rafts. This
      idea may be impractical or too pie in the sky, but perhaps may be
       From talking with Ed,  his experience is that stitching may pull
      through fabric, making the fabric fail.
      Drop-stitch has nothing to do with stitching. It's a form of weave (well, 
      it could also be a knitting technique, but thats not what we're talking 
      about here). Drop-stitch is a material that uses about 60 equal length 
      threads per square inch, that weave through the interior of the top and 
      bottom scrim that forms the base fabric of drop stitch. The outside of the 
      drop-stitch layers can be coated top & bottom with rubber, urethane, pvc, 
      or any other flexible coating that might match the boat manufacturer's use. 
      When the edges are sealed with an air valve installed, and you inflate a 
      drop stitch pad, you get an ironing board flat surface that will be either 
      2.6, 3.9, or 5.7 inches thick depending on which drop-stitch material was 
      used. And you get a fairly firm floor even at a low pressure of 1 to 1.5 
      p.s.i., making it highly desirable for use in sportboats. For our purposes, 
      however, it is very heavy.
      Matthew Takeda
      the JOAT 

      My error.  I have seen the material you are talking about.  It is very nice for it's purpose.   Thanks for setting the record straight.


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