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Re: John--windshield reflector pads

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  • John
    Alrighty. Thanks for steering me straight guys. John ... slamming ... with ... are tested by ... enough to ... simply. ... various ... underquilt ...
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 21, 2004
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      Alrighty. Thanks for steering me straight guys.


      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "simva4040"
      <simva4040@y...> wrote:
      > John I know you read about this at the Hennessey site (not
      > HH in the least, personally owning 2 A-syms and just yesterday
      > ordered a Light Racer) but you will just waste time and money
      > this plan. Your cheapest options that ACTUALLY WORK and
      are tested by
      > many hammockers are:
      > 1. closed cell pad IN the hammock cut from a piece large
      enough to
      > allow wings for your arms/shoulders or two pieces 't-eed' to
      > create these wings that prevent cold-wrap. Knox Foam sells
      > closed cell pads 7 feet wide and much longer allowing this
      > 2. cheapo-Walmart fiber fill or old/used sleeping bag slung by
      > attachment mechanisms to the bottom of the hammock ala
      > 3. a piece of material-pref. nylon also of various types including
      > 'sil-nyl' to craft a taco (aka Garlington), this can also be
      > obtained from Walmart for cheap
      > 4. Use the taco cited at this user group and detail at the
      > site to hold any impromptu insulation against the bottom of
      > your hammock.
      > 5. Order a pre-built pod from Speer, craft one out of a sleeping
      > bag large enough to go around the entire hammock (as I
      > done with a CrazyCreekCrib and a WM Ponderosa
      > And the options continue.
      > This is not to say you wont get any gain from the windshiled
      > reflector but in the end if you pursue coldweatherhammocking
      you will
      > quickly move in another direction.
      > Medicine Man
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