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Re: [Hammock Camping] TravelPod weight:

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      > David,
      > A few comments in line:
      > Quoting David Chinell
      > But here are the ideas I'd like to incorporate
      > > into a pod of my own some day.
      > >
      > > Drawstrings: A drawstring at either end, secured in the
      > > middle of the casing, but otherwise just a cord running
      > > through the casing. This lets you gather the material around
      > > the outside of the hammock, and secure the pod to the
      > > hammock even when the zippers are opened and detached.
      > One modification I want to test is a GI like cord on each side at the
      > between top and side. This will allow the insulation to stay in contact
      > the bottom of the hammock even if the zipper is opened. This may be what
      > are saying.
      > >
      > > Zippers: A short, one-way, separating zipper running from
      > > the pod end to my nose on either end, met by a long,
      > > two-way, separating zipper in the middle. I'd rather have a
      > > two-way separating zipper with the runners facing each
      > > other. The idea would be that you could make the runners
      > > meet wherever you wanted, and leave a breathing hole of
      > > whatever size over your face. But Ed and others say it's not
      > > possible. So using two zippers is a compromise. Using three
      > > makes the pod bidirectional. (I.E. it doesn't have a head
      > > end and foot end.)
      > I have not found a way to build a zipper like you suggest. They are not
      on the
      > market as a pre-built. It's easy enough to have an opening zipper, like a
      > suitcase, but then the ends don't open. One goal is to be able to slip
      > device on a hammock without taking down either end. That requires a
      > zipper. Such a beast should be possible, just not available right now.

      How about having a piece of fabric about one or two inches wide running the
      length of the pod. You could have velcro, or a separating zipper, on one
      side and the other type of zipper on the other. This way a non-separating
      zipper can be used and the pod could still be attached when the hammock is
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