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Re: Sources of EPIC fabric?

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  • Mirage
    Well, I got my Cadmium (Orange) EPIC fabric yesterday from Featherd Friends that I ll be using to sew my under/over quilts with (I m making two at the same
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 9 2:35 PM
      Well, I got my "Cadmium" (Orange) EPIC fabric yesterday from
      Featherd Friends that I'll be using to sew my under/over quilts with
      (I'm making two at the same time).

      They carry a good selection of colors (http://tinyurl.com/yhto),
      just call for availability.

      They sold me 5 yards (58" width) for $9/yd plus $8 shipping ($53

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "ciyd01" <ciyd@a...> wrote:
      > Things you will notice about Epic -
      > A) it gets and stores a static charge! It's worse than any of
      > nylon fabrics I've worked with. This means it picks up lint, lots
      > lint!


      > B) You can mark on it with tailor's chalk (I used blue because
      > white doesn't show up) and you wash the chalk off with a damp
      > washcloth, no soap

      Thanks for the tip. It's definately not as "slick" as silnyl.

      > C) It has a nice hand and feels a lot more substantial than 1.1
      > nylon

      My measurements show it is 1.82 oz/sqyd. and I agree on the feel.

      > D) It beads water!

      I noticed there is a right and wrong side, or at least an apperance
      diff. between the sides. I called the factory a few minutes ago and
      asked which was which. Here is what they say:

      o The "Matte" finish is what they sew as the outside or right side.
      o The "satin" finish is the inside or wrong side.
      o There is actually no difference between the side WRT
      waterproofness and breathability.
      o The outside (right side) will bead up due to a DWR, but eventually
      after washing and use, you won't see it bead up. It will STILL be
      waterproof and breatable though, due to the "coated" fiber process,
      it just doesn't bead anymore.
      o Not sure if the inside (wrong side) will do this or not.

      > E) It's a lot easier to sew than silnylon.

      Hope so, will find out soon enough.

      > Have fun,
      > ciyd
      > > > I ask because they both only carry yellow, and I was hoping
      > > > better selection of colors.

      Shane "Mirage"...
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