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RE: Hammock Camping Coldest

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  • Ed Speer
    Marge, I m envious of the high elevations out your way. Although, I m not really keen on below freezing camping, I do love being above 9,000 in the summer
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 30 9:41 AM
      Marge, I'm envious of the high elevations out your way.  Although, I'm not really keen on below freezing camping, I do love being above 9,000' in the summer time--it can't be beat.  Your experimenting is helping us all come up with a lighter-weight, less-bulky, and more heat efficient system.  Combining my experience with folks like you has already given me some new ideas.  I also find it gratifying to know people besides me are actively pushing this envelope.  As a maker of hammocks, I try to provide products to all campers, including car campers who may not be concerned with weight/bulk; but as a lightweight backpacker, I personally am interested in weight vs bulk vs warmth.
      You're smart to be prepared with suitable gear--I often worry that someone following our recommendations will get into trouble by carrying too little insulation.  I can generally correctly judge before hand how cold it will get on a given trip--but wind is the biggest unknown since cold wind can quickly turn an otherwise pleasant trip into pure Hell.  Of course, with hammocks we can generally hide from the wind, but sometimes that is not possible, or it requires re-locating the hammock during the night.  I'm sure you've encountered the problems with cold wind before in your high mountains, so you know what I mean--I'd carry a backup tent if brutal stormy cold weather was possible.  I often recommend sleeping on the ground, in a tent or beneath my large rain canopy when the temps drop below one's comfort level; returning to the comfort of the hammock when warmer temps return...Ed

      My hammock is not back up yet, it is still too warm here.  We are still
      experiencing 30 - 32 degree weather.  I can sleep comfortably at 9,500 ft at
      29 degrees with the Windshield Reflector pad and my Mt. Washington Pad, with
      extra fleece clothing on.  Ed, I really want to  try your suggestion of
      wearing more non crushable clothing, and putting my pad under the windshield
      My goal is to be warm in the hammock and not have too much additional weight
      in my pack.  For me there might be a fine line on what I will carry for the
      hammock, or at what point do I take   the tent. Now do not throw oranges at
      me, using the word tent, but where I hike, even during the summer months, I
      will always take the two items with me for use in the hammock, our summer
      night temperatures can easily drop to below 30 degrees, between 9000 &


      Marge   [The Old Gal]

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