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RE: [Hammock Camping] Chattooga River Campout

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  • Ed Speer
    Sounds like you will be ready for our Christmas hike Bill. Wearing anything Capilene or fleece is a sure winner! Last year Nov & Dec up here were the coldest
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 24, 2003
      Sounds like you will be ready for our Christmas hike Bill.  Wearing anything Capilene or fleece is a sure winner!  Last year Nov & Dec up here were the coldest on record--so far this year, Nov is probably the warmest on record!  No telling what Dec will hold for us...Ed
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      Hi Ed, Glad you had such a good time.  San Antonio,
      Texas is supposed to be down to 31 degrees at 6am in
      the morning (Monday) and I am ready for it.  I have
      been playing all evening and will get up at 5am and
      see how things work.  I have 3 different sleeping pads
      to try and 3 or 4 different quilt/sleeping bag/liners
      to try. 

      At 48 degrees I was fine with no more than a blue Wal
      Mart sleeping pad wrapped up in an Army poncho liner
      under me in the silk hammock and a Moonstone Down
      liner covering me like a quilt.  I had on street
      cloths (jeans and a cotton short sleeve t-shirt) and a
      100 wt. fleece jacket.  If I had been spending the
      night I would have worn some kind of Patagonia
      Capilene long underwear, a pair of light fleece glove
      liners, warm socks and a light fleece hat. I have a
      lot of back up items to try in the 20 degree range to
      include a set of The North Face 300 weight fleece
      Jacket and Pants. I have also discovered I can sleep
      on my side in my Speer's Silk Hammock. 

      Temp's in the 20 degree range here in SA  are petty
      rare. I may have to wait till the Christmas Hike/New
      Years Eve Event to test that temp range. 
                   Bill in Texas

      --- Ed Speer <info@...> wrote:
      > I just got home for this weekends' Chattooga River
      > Campout!  The
      > weather was perfect--clear skies, 70s daytime and
      > 30s nighttime.  We
      > had a great time.  As planned, Karen & I picked up
      > Scott at a
      > trailhead on the Foothills Trail Sat am on our way
      > to our Chattooga
      > River trailhead.  Scott already had two days and two
      > nights on the
      > trail and was joining us for our hammock hangers
      > overnight.  We met
      > Dave at the designated trailhead and then made a
      > group decision to
      > park all vehicles at the south trailhead and make it
      > a one-mile hike
      > in to our campsite.  The four of us set up two Speer
      > and two
      > Hennessey Hammocks and then enjoyed a relaxing sunny
      > afternoon.  Our
      > hammock camp constrated sharply with the adjacent
      > campsite of Boy
      > Scouts who had 10-20 tents on the ground!
      > By early evening we had a fire going and enjoyed
      > dinner.  As expected
      > conversation center around gear all weekend.  Scott
      > (White Knight)
      > showed his new underquilt, which kept him warm down
      > to freezing the
      > night before.  Dave was seeking advice and
      > experience in his hammock
      > in prep for thru hiking the Mountain-To-Sea Trail
      > next spring.  Karen
      > & I set up our usual side-by-side Speer Hammocks and
      > were trying some
      > new prototype PeaPods. With clear skies and bright
      > stars, no one set
      > up a tarp!  Temps droped from 48F at 8pm to 36 at
      > 6am.  The next am
      > was spent comparing notes and trying each others'
      > setups.  We were
      > back at the vehicles by 11am. 
      > For those who didn't make this trip, you missed a
      > fantastic late Fall
      > weekend--hope you can make an upcomming Hammock
      > Hangers trip!  ...Ed

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