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Re: Hammock Camping Unconventional

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  • robi dawson
    Dan, i was thumbing through a hungarian outfitter s catalogue last week and to prove how strong their 4 season tents are they had a picture of a guy using one
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 13, 2003

      i was thumbing through a hungarian outfitter's catalogue last week and to prove how strong their 4 season tents are they had a picture of a guy using one as a sail in  a canoe...

      thought that was cool... almost made me want to go back to tents, then i thought, hm, i bet that could be done with a hammock too....

      have to give it a try one day....


      At 10:31 PM 11/12/03 +0000, you wrote:
      When my friends are being diplomatic and nice, they call
      me "unconventional."  Somehow I get that tag because I often
      think "out of the box."  With that warning, here's something I've
      been thinking of since tying up my little Amazonas Traveller hammock
      last week.  The hammock's allegedly made of parachute nylon--keep
      that in mind.  About a decade ago, I attended a hang gliding course
      while in the military in Europe.  We had to wrestle the assembled
      glider to the top of the hill so we could run down the hill and
      launch.  Our instructor let us struggle with that a few times, then
      clued us in on the secret of taking it up the hill.  If you turn the
      glider around so that the nose points downhill and have a good wind
      going uphill (we always did in the morning) the wind pushes the
      glider and you up the hill with hardly any effort on your part to
      take it up the hill.  Fast forward to last week when I opened my
      Traveller and the wind caught it.  The wind filled the hammock and I
      found myself being pulled in the direction the wind was blowing.  So
      this effect allows some innovative minds (like the folks on this
      list) to come up with unconventional uses for a hammock in this venue
      and perhaps other uses for a hammock other than the obvious.  Don't
      know how/if this would work but would a small hammock like the
      Traveller be a sail of sorts for someone cross-country skiing, or as
      a sail rigged with oars for a kayaker, or just a neat teaching tool
      for youngsters and the young at heart about wind energy while it's
      pulling one around?  Gee it would be great to have the hammock pull
      me up a windy hill if I was hiking with a heavy pack.  One thing I
      don't think it would be good for would be as a parachute (except for
      the neighbor's annoying cat--my apolgies to cat folks--it's just an
      example, OK?).  And yes, I have a few thoughts about using a hammock
      for adult fun but don't think I better say anything.  After all, I am
      a newbie on the board and don't know what I should and should not
      post (get away with) just yet.  Any ideas/experiences in
      unconventional hammock use?  I know I would be interested.

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