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Re: Hammock Camping Digest Number 318

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      From: "firefly" <firefly@...>
      Subject: TripReport:Louisiana

      This past weekend I did a four day, 3 night, 53 mile paddle trip down Bayou
      LaFourche, from Donaldsonville, LA to Lockport, LA. This was a supported
      trip, sponsored by a local non-profit group to promote awareness of the
      coastal erosion problem in Louisiana. I slept in my hammock all three
      nights. Then, after the trip, I went down to Grand Isle, LA and slept on the
      beach. The only place to maybe hang the hammock was a beach picnic shelter,
      but I was tired and not sure of my knots. I slept in a tent. AAAUUUGGH! I
      had a thick pad, but woke throughout the night. I am thinking is it not
      possible for me to carry enough padding to be comfortable in a tent, now
      that I have gotten used to hammock camping.

      At each of the 3 places we camped along the bayou, I found suitable trees.
      HOWEVER, and I know this is an old topic….I had consistent problems with
      slippage. One night, between 2 pine trees, I was only about a foot above the
      ground. On one end, the straps were too short. On the other, they were too
      long. I like my hammock at chair height, and find this substantially
      frustrating. If any of you have the patience to address this topic, yet
      again, I would be grateful.

      But, I made some converts, as I do on every trip. All three nights, other
      people woke up the next morning, complaining about sleeping uncomfortably. I
      slept like dream 2 of the 3 nights, and the third night’s disturbance was
      caused by a ROOSTER who kept crowing because he was confused by the full
      moon. Sounds funny, unless you were there!

      Wish I could join you in South Carolina. My assistant just got called up.
      Army Reserves.


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