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Re: First-time hammocker cool-weather help/Marsanne read it, too

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  • sjsierra2002
    It s now calling for temps in the low 20s on Saturday night. I had decided that if it was going to be more than 20 degrees below what I had previously
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 5 7:06 AM
      It's now calling for temps in the low 20s on Saturday night. I had
      decided that if it was going to be more than 20 degrees below what I
      had previously experienced, I wouldn't use the hammock, so I think
      I'm going to go with the tarp and wait for warmer weather to try out
      the hammock.

      Too bad! I'm disappointed, but I know myself and know that with a
      new setup I'll spend the days worrying about whether or not I'll be
      warm, instead of enjoying the hike. And it sounds like it will be
      beautiful late fall weather: partly cloudy, highs around 40, maybe a
      few flurries.

      Thanks for the space blanket advice, Rosaleen -- I'll give it a try
      at some point. For what it's worth, I've definitely found a space
      blanket to help while sleeping on the floor in shelters in cold
      weather, so I don't think the reflective surface is a total bunch of
      hoo-hah. I'd expect it to help significantly between the sleeping
      pad and the hammock, and even more with your setup.

      One question for when I do try it out: what is flexible glue? Do
      you mean fabric glue, epoxy, what? I bet silicone caulk or Silnett
      would stick to a space blanket.


      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, rosaleen43@a... wrote:
      > Bunchberry-
      > My preference with the space blanket:
      > Buy some flexible glue from ***mart or other discount store (Maybe
      $2). Also
      > buy some round elastic cord (About $.80). I find them in the same
      > fabric/craft department, different aisles.
      > Make hems/casings across the long edges of the space blanket. Cut
      two 6"
      > pieces of round cord from the hank and set aside. Cut the
      remaining piece in
      > half. Thread each half through the casings on the long ends of the
      > Arrange the space blanket so it is suspended below the hanging
      hammock. Tie the
      > ends of the elastic to the plastic rings on the long ends of the
      fly. Spread
      > the blanket and use the short pieces of elastic to tie the sides to
      > pulloouts. I usually roll the edge a few times and bring along a
      couple of
      > styrofoam packing peanuts to give me sort of a knob in the blanket
      to tie around. If
      > you can get a pair of mitten or glove hooks, it will make fastening
      the long
      > ends a bit easier, and a taught line hitch will make the sides more
      > adjustable, but neither seem critical. I just push the space
      blanket aside to get in
      > and make sure it snaps back behind me.
      > I find this arrangement is very lightweight and can stay in place
      under the
      > SnakeSkins. A few pepples popped between the blanket and hammock
      body will
      > reduce wind rattling a little, if you blanket is loose. The space
      blanket with a
      > sleeping bag works for me into the low 50's or high 40's (silk tank
      > shorts for clothes). Thirties I need a foam pad. I've been
      comfortable to the low
      > 20's adding fleece hat, jacket, pants, and socks with a 30 degree
      > Good Luck!
      > Rosaleen
      > > From: "sjsierra2002" <sjsierra@h...>
      > > Subject: First-time hammocker cool-weather help
      > >
      > > Hello all -- I am a newbie hammocker -- just got a HH a few weeks
      > > ago, and I've been looking forward to trying it out on a four-day
      > > solo over next weekend. The forecasts for next weekend are for
      > > in the 30's in north-central PA, where I'm going. I won't have a
      > > chance to sleep out in temps that low before I go: we're having
      > > warm spell here in Philadelphia, and the nighttime temps aren't
      > > below the upper 40's.
      > >
      > > Right now my strategy for staying warm is a 20 degree sleeping
      > > warm clothing, and a Target blue foam pad. I'll bring a space
      > > blanket to put between the pad and the hammock for extra
      > > if needed. Do you think this will be OK?
      > >
      > > (I'm generally a warm sleeper. Saturday night, when I slept out
      > > my backyard, I was wearing mid-weight long underwear and was
      > > in my sleeping bag -- I did put on a fleece vest halfway through
      > > night. The low was 48.)
      > >
      > > Thanks for your help. Ordinarily I'd like to test my gear a bit
      > > before relying on it for a trip like this, but it just hasn't
      > > out that way.
      > >
      > > Bunchberry
      > >
      > >
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