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RE: October Issue of Hammock CAmping News

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  • Ed Speer
    Yes Dave, you can make a silnylon tarp by treating fabrics your self--just be sure and soak the fabric well. I ve made similar tarps and pack rain covers
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 2, 2003
      Yes Dave, you can make a silnylon tarp by treating fabrics your self--just be sure and soak the fabric well.  I've made similar tarps and pack rain covers that've worked well.  I once made a waterproof tarp by soaking 1.1 ripstop with Thompson's Water Seal!  It worked, but made the fabric stiff so it was noisy in the wind and creased when stuffed into a sack--but it still worked!
      Dave are you going to the Southeast Trail Initiative symposium in TN in late Oct?  I remember you were earlier preparing to do the 'light-weight hiking' discussion.  In fact, you put me on to the whole thing in the first place.  I'll be there giving a workshop on hammocks...Ed
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      Ed, just read with interest your article on "How To Waterproof
      Silnylon Fabrics".  You talked about two silicone aerosol treatments
      on both sides of an 8' X 5' piece of 1.9 oz/yd^2 ripstop nylon to
      help ensure water-proofness.  From talking to you previously and
      having read your book, I believe you are referring to your technique
      for "winterizing" the fabric used on the hammock body.  Could this
      technique be used on 1.1 oz/yd^2 ripstop nylon to make a "silnylon"
      tarp... say for someone who found that material in the WalMart $1 Bin?


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      > I just posted the October issue of the free Hammock Camping News e-
      > zine newsletter! See it at:
      > http://www.hammockcamping.com/Newsletters/NEWS.htm
      > or sign up to receive each free monthly issue at:
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      > This month's feature article is:  How to Waterproof Silnylon Fabrics
      > There is also a trip report from out Hammock Hangers campout
      > this month.  As usual, the many links to other informative web
      > has been updated and expanded.
      > Happy Hammocking Y'all!   ...Ed

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