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RE: Hammock Camping Insulator for the Hennessey Hammock

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  • Ed Speer
    A neat idea! I ve added your link to our LINKS section under How To Stay Warm; hope you don t mind. To see our selected links go to our home page and click
    Message 1 of 8 , Jan 27, 2003
      A neat idea!  I've added your link to our LINKS section under How To Stay Warm; hope you don't mind.  To see our selected links go to our home page and click LINKS on the left side of the page. The Links are just getting started.
      I've used dry leaves in sealed trash bags to under-pin my sister's mobil home for winter time use. They worked extremely well for several years!  Also used leaves inside my PeaPod insulated sleeping bag around my hammock.  Would your setup also accept leaves, or would they get pushed out?
      Of course, leaves are not always available.  Your use of partially-air-filled trash bags is very creative--way to go! 
      As you suggest, a mylar survival blanket would add some warmth inside the hammock (about 5-10 degrees).  However, the mylar will not help the bottom heat loss due to conduction that you noticed (only more insulation will do that).  Please keep us informed of your progress....Ed
      Here is a device I've been working on for insulating the bottom of the
      Hennessey Hammock in cool or cold conditions.


      For the 'final' product, I'd recommend 30 d sil-nylon. With the
      drawstrings, that would weigh about 9 oz. The plastic bag would weigh
      in about 4 oz. or less depending on thickness. you would also have to
      bring some tape to patch holes. I'd estimate about 14oz for the whole


      Last night was some very cold weather here in NC and yielded the
      coldest temps I've tried the HH in so far.  The ambient temp was 13* F
      and breezy. I dressed in fleece, inside a FF rock wren bag. Inside the
      hammock after temps stabilized, the temp was 33*F on the surface of
      the sleeping bag, so there was about a 20*F warmup above ambient.  My
      back was not cold, but there was a slight coolness that I didn't care
      for. Subjectively, this was more comfortable than 40*F with
      no insulation in the hammock. Also, its probably better than 28* and a
      truck windscreen pad plus my a 1/4" closed cell foam pad (but I'd have
      to spend the night to be sure).

      possible improvements:
      Maybe a survival blanket thrown on top of the air bags would help.
      Also, I carry a 30x40x1/4" foam pad in case I sleep in a shelter. I'd
      use that inside the hammock, which would certainly take care of the


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