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Re: Hammock Camping-Cold Weather Set-up under 3 pounds??

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  • Bill Fornshell
    Hi Coy and others, REI sells what looks like the old Tarp line from Moss. They list the Heptawing as the smaller of 3 tarps and say it is 65sq feet. This
    Message 1 of 10 , Sep 24, 2003
      Hi Coy and others, REI sells what looks like the old
      Tarp line from Moss. They list the Heptawing as the
      smaller of 3 tarps and say it is 65sq feet. This would
      be 7.2 sq yards compared to the almost 8 sq yards I
      came up with. Using their number a tarp made of 1.1oz
      (1.3oz) stuff might end up around 10oz. I don't know
      much about sil-nylon and don't know if some lighter
      material would work for a tarp. I took my tarp down
      yesterday and I am going to make a paper pattern from
      it sometime today. If I try to make one I think I
      will make it a little longer, REI says it is 9' 6" end
      to end and if I am not in the Hammock the ends are
      almost the same length. In the rain the ends could
      get wet until you get into it. Once in the Hammock
      the weight makes it shorter and the ends are well
      under the tarp. If I make a tarp I think I would add
      a foot or more to the end to end length and this
      problem would go away.

      I liked the article about the "Down Underquilt for
      Hennessy Hammocks" but it looks a little more
      complicate than something I might be able to sew. I
      also have an old Army Down sleeping bag that I have
      saved over the years thinking the Down might be
      recycled into something else some day.

      There has to be some "low temperature/ weight of
      winter hammock set-up" ratio that once you get to it
      you sleep some other way or go home??

      How much weight are you willing to carry to sleep in a
      Hammock in Cold weather?? (Your clothing can add to
      your warmth but that also might add to your carrying
      weight). I think a Hammock warm down to around 20
      degrees is about as low as I would want to be in one.
      After that I might drop the Hammock to the ground and
      use it like a tarp/tent something. It seldom gets
      that cold here in South Texas and to test any cold
      weather set-up I would have to travel to a colder

      I have wanted to do some winter hiking on the AT so if
      I can make something that might work it would give me
      a good reason to travel up to GA this winter. Bill

      --- Coy <starnescr@...> wrote:
      > Hi Bill
      > Will be interesting if yoy decide to build a "light"
      > Heptawing.
      > Keep us posted
      > I'll tote 4 lbs if it means a warm nights rest.
      > Ideally the system
      > would be multi temp adjustable. The double bottom
      > would work for
      > warm weather without a pad or a very light one at
      > most. The under
      > quilt would be for cold night. Then for real COKD
      > weather the under
      > quilt would be supplinented by either a pad between
      > the double
      > bottom over the quilt or another quilt layer. Then
      > ideally the top
      > cover would be a quilt also. Perhaps it to could be
      > a multi layer
      > design too, a light one for cold weather and a
      > medium for colder
      > weather and both for COLD weather. I probably wont
      > be hiking long
      > distances in COLD weather so I can probably manage
      > to tote all
      > this. Down would nake everything lighter but
      > expensive. Unless I
      > find an old bag or coat like Ray did and salvage
      > some down. But a
      > light under quilt and light top quilt should see me
      > through 95% of
      > my normal hiking.
      > Coy Boy
      > --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, Bill
      > Fornshell
      > <bfornshell@y...> wrote:
      > > Hi Coy, The Moss Heptawing does weight 23oz, but I
      > > don't remember if that counts the 8 stakes. Yes 8
      > > lines. 1 on each end and 3 on each side. I went as
      > far
      > > as making a plan of the tarp to see how many yards
      > it
      > > would take. It I did it right it would take 8
      > yards
      > > more or less. I don't know anything about
      > sil-nylon,
      > > but if the 1.3oz would work for something of this
      > > shape it should easily weight less than 16oz.
      > Because
      > > of the strange size it might be more sewing than I
      > > want to try. I may try it first with some cheap
      > > fabric and see how that works out before I mess up
      > 40
      > > or 50 dollars worth of sil-nylon. The sil-nylon
      > tarp
      > > at less than 16oz and my silk hammock/bug net at
      > 16oz
      > > would give you another 16oz more or less for the
      > > double bottom and under quilt. This might require
      > > some creative design work and a different material
      > to
      > > keep it all under 3 pounds. Do you also need some
      > type
      > > sleeping pad as a part of this setup? I have a few
      > > ideas and have some samples of some very light
      > > material "in the mail" to try some experiments
      > with.
      > > As soon as I get the stuff I can do some Math and
      > see
      > > how much each material would weight per yard. With
      > the
      > > weight per yard I will quickly know if it is even
      > > possible. I think my plan would be to make a setup
      > > that will keep me warm down to ?? temp and then
      > look
      > > at each part of it and see how to make that part
      > as
      > > light as possible. For really cold weather you
      > might
      > > just have to bite a 4 pound bullet. Time will
      > tell or
      > > a design/material break through. Bill

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