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Re: What happens if ridgeline snaps?

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  • rosaleen43@aol.com
    Nazda- Snapping the ridgeline is rare. Still, I wouldn t recommend vigorous bouncing. If something does go wrong with the ridgeline, you won t have a true
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 23, 2003

      Snapping the ridgeline is rare.  Still, I wouldn't recommend vigorous bouncing.  If something does go wrong with the ridgeline, you won't have a true Hennessy non-tipping hammock anymore.  Send it in for repair, or, if you have some very strong and light twine, you could try tying it to the loops inside each end of your hammock.  You would have to try to match the amount of stretch to the original line, and carefully match the lengths.  Even if I would repair the hammock myself, I would still call Tom for his advice.


      From: "nazdarovye" <nazdarovye@...>
      Subject: What happens if ridgeline snaps?

      In looking over past posts regarding loads on the hammock, and noting
      some of the suggestions about "bouncing" on the hammock to help
      stretch it out before re-tightening it, I have a question:

      So, what does happen if you snap the ridgeline on a Hennessy Hammock
      (or other make, for that matter)? I assume the hammock still hangs -
      the weight is carried mainly by the body and thick main lines - but
      what are the effects? How easy is this to do?

      More importantly: if it happens, is it "user-repairable," does it have
      to go back to the manufacturer, or does the hammock have to be taken
      out back and shot?

      I'll be curious to hear - thanks!

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