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Re: Hammock Camping Digest Number 235

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  • cmcrooker
    Hi Rosaleen, Thanks for the suggestions. I haven t taken the hammock out for practice yet. Phoenix is starting to get slightly cooler though, so it won t be
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 30, 2003
      Hi Rosaleen,
      Thanks for the suggestions. I haven't taken the hammock out for
      practice yet. Phoenix is starting to get slightly cooler though, so
      it won't be much longer.
      I am going to be in NY in October for a family reunion. I won't get
      to backpack though on this trip. I'll be in NC next June. Where do
      you live?
      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, rosaleen43@a... wrote:
      > Carol-
      > It sounds like you may just need more opportunities to practice
      sleeping in
      > your hammock. 8-)
      > I have an Asym Backpacker and an earlier UL Backpacker. When I
      want to
      > travel light and fast (usually alone), I'll take the older model.
      When I have a
      > guest, he or she may be using the lighter and smaller hammock.
      Example, last
      > weekend my 13 Y O nephew used the UL backpacker, I used the Asym.
      Dropped off
      > nephew, picked up hubby from the airport. Next day, we went out
      together and I
      > used the UL while he used an Explorer. We did about 10 miles.
      Then I
      > repacked at home and used the UL overnight again. Managed to do
      25 miles in two
      > days. Every bit of weight I can lose I will, when I'm going for
      lots of mileage.
      > I'm about 5' 9" and I am very happy in either backpacking
      hammock. In cold
      > weather, I have used foam pads under me. Try a piece of (waffled
      > rubber shelf grip under the pad to get it to slide less. What pad
      did you use?
      > If a Thermarest, try underinflating it a bit, so it is less
      stiff. If you use
      > a full length pad, try folding the foot area to one side as you
      get in, or
      > dropping the foot end out of the slit like a big tongue, then pull
      it in after
      > you are in the hammock. If you use a pad, consider using your bag
      like a
      > blanket over you. Then there will be NO wrestling with it.
      > Ever get oput to the east coast? We can put the hammock tips to a
      good test
      > together.
      > Cheers!
      > Rosaleen
      > > From: "cmcrooker" <cmcrooker@w...>
      > > Subject: First night in a Hennessy
      > >
      > > I was on a backpacking trip in Idaho with some other lightweight
      > > backpackers and got to try their hammocks. I slept one night in
      > > Explorer UL A-sym while car camping at the TH. Slept
      > > had lots of room. After the backpack trip, I slept in an UL A-
      > > backpacker. Less room, harder to get into because the ridge
      line is
      > > closer to the hammock body. The first hour I was struggling,
      > > to get the pad under me and bag over me. I was thinking, This
      > > Sucks! I got out of the hammock to do some business and then
      > > crawled back in. The hammock owner had offered to let me borrow
      > > hammock (backpacker, for a month or so). I drifted off to sleep
      > > thinking it just would not be worth it because I was struggling
      > > much. Then I woke up 5 and half hours later. That changed my
      > > mind. I have the hammock in Phoenix now, but will have to wait
      > > it at least gets under 100 or drive noorth to try this hammock
      > > some more.
      > > Carol
      > >
      > >
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