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Re: Lightweight hammock pad and attachment

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  • Laurie
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    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 25, 2003
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      I dont suppose you have a picture of this??

      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "biker135803" <pjbucca@c...>
      > During the summer in the southeast, I find it unnecesary to
      > the 3/8" foam pad slipped in a pocket of my reflectix/fleece that I
      > use in the winter. Recently, I have left the foam pad at home and
      > used only the reflectix/fleece combination. I now find that even
      > that is overkill for the morning temperatures that reach no lower
      > than 55 degrees.
      > To solve this problem, I constructed a summerweight pad that
      > composed of a full length car windshield protector (1/8" closed
      > foam overlaid with a silver reflector). Velcroed to the underside
      > of this (the non reflector side), I appended a 1/8" piece of closed
      > cell foam I purchased at a local Mailboxes Etc. store so that it
      > covered an area from my hip to my shoulders. This addition will
      > give me a full 1/4" of insulation where the main pressure points on
      > the bottom of the hammock are. My reflectix/fleece combo weighs 16
      > oz and this new pad weighs about 6 oz-a tremendous weight savings.
      > To keep the pad from slipping to the bottom of the hammock, I
      > made the following addition: I attached 2 one inch "D" rings to
      > top of the pad. This was accomplished by cutting two 4" square
      > pieces of nylon cloth and sewing them about 6 to 8" on either side
      > of the center line by sandwiching them between the top and bottom
      > the windshield pad. This provides a strong attachment point.
      > I sewed a small length of strap to each cloth patch, once again
      > sandwiching it to form a loop. The "D" rings are attached to this
      > loop.
      > To attach the pad to the hammock, I took a length of 1" nylon
      > strapping and sewed clips on both ends. The strapping was tied to
      > the hammock where the ridgeline separates into two lines at the
      > apex of the hammock in the inside just before it enters
      the "mystery
      > knot". The position of the knot in the strapping was made so that
      > equal lengths of the strapping were hanging down toward the center
      > of the hammock. The length of these two straps is dependent on how
      > far down in the hammock you want the head of the pad to extend when
      > you attach the clips to the "D" rings in on the pad. This method
      > fixing the pad in the hammock has been used by me for 2 years and
      > works well. The unproven portion of this experiment is weather the
      > lighter summer pad will provide adequate insulation. I will go on
      > 4 day AT section hike next week and will let you know.
      > Later, Paul
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