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RE: Hammock Camping Marge.....

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  • Marge Prothman
    Thank you for the detailed instructions, I think I might find an old sleeping bag to cut up and try that first. It all made sense to me. Would you please
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      Thank you for the detailed instructions, I think I might find an old
      sleeping bag to cut up and try that first. It all made sense to me. Would
      you please hurry and play the bagpipes so the lady will start sewing your
      underquilt. I would like to know just how cold you will be able
      to use it. So far I am good at 29F with just the Windshield Reflector and
      the Mt. Wash. Pad and wearing extra clothing.

      Cheers, Marge

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      The underquilt is basically a rectangle eh...two sides of the
      rectangle parralel the length of the hammock, one side passes
      perpendicular to your head and one side is perpendicular to the
      entrance slit of the HH. That side that is perpendicular to the
      entrace slit is composed of serious elastic-that side and thus the
      elastic go from one side of the hammock to the other in the foot
      area...of course elastic can run the lengths of all the sides if you
      The elastic is needed to pull the quilt back under you after you have
      entered the hammock....as you enter the hammock you will back up
      against the side with the elastic, it pushes toward the head area as
      you stand within the hammock before sitting....after you pull you
      legs up the hammock automatically closes per T.Hennessy genius and
      the quilt automatically snaps back under your foot area
      per 'Frozen's' genius.
      Since you make the quilt (for now, I am sure HH has prototypes), you
      decide how much foot coverage you want, you decide how much 'around
      the shoulders' you want....I will using a quilt on top of me- the
      'overquilt' so I am going to make sure the underquilt goes beyond
      the overquilt.
      I chose Primaloft (many years of experience with Primaloft has seared
      its use to my soul) to insulate with, Frozen used Thinsulate, many
      choices but I think down is out but possible. I also choose sil-nyl
      for the bottom material and am waiting on two materials to arrive
      before deciding on the material that will immediately abut the
      hammock material.
      Frozen posted that the space blanket that he used for the interior
      was not strong enough and has since ripped in several places...so I
      have ordered some 'aluminized' silver sil-nyl from OWF but only had
      to pay 5.65/yard versus 25/yard at Warmlite, so it may not be the
      real McCoy.
      I haven't made my first quilt yet I am already making plans for a
      Spring/Summer quilt...thinking that even in the Appalachians in June
      it has been cool-or I have been cool post hiking in the rain. But think
      about it...a quilt that will squash down to a cantelope
      size for Summer or maybe football size for winter and no close cell
      pad to wrestle with or strap onto an already ungainly pack!
      My best friends wife is the seamstress and has already agreed to sew
      the quilt for me if I play bagpipes for her son's schoolclass...a
      good deal for us both...just remember to be in the hammock when the
      measurements are taken so you can insure that the inner material is
      shorter than the outer thus ensuring a differential cut and now cold
      spots when you turn on your side while sleeping and drive your elbow
      into the bottom of the hammock.
      Oh, there was some discussion about condensation within the
      insulation of the underquilt....hardly a problem if the inner surface
      is waterproof like sil-nyl, and I would suggest one add a VBL anyway
      to get 20more degrees for very little more ounces.....
      So the quilt is now understandable and doable?
      Experiment with an old sleeping bag suspended under your present
      hammock....run 3 or 4 lengths of shock cord to support the sleeping
      bag to the hammock ( I think the shock cord should run on top of the
      sleeping bag and thus between it and the bottom of the hammock), and
      shock cord running the length of the sleeping bag/hammock on either
      side....this should give you an idea of how warm this system can be. My
      friend asked if I now had to carry 2 sleeping bags! I told him no,
      just one sleeping bag cut in half!

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