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Hammock Camping Re: Newbie question about rain

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  • colonelcorn76
    ... talked ... you ... the ... stock ... with ... tubing ... I included some more detailed directions in a reply to Marsanne s question. The spacer replaces
    Message 1 of 15 , Aug 20, 2003
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      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "dshuby" <shubitow@c...>
      > Jim - I think I got what you are saying. I remember when Jerry
      > about this quite some time ago (BPL or BGT?!?), but I didn't have a
      > hammock then so I wasn't paying attention. ;) If I have it right,
      > are taking rubber tubing and tying it off to each of the rings on
      > sides of the HH fly. I am missing what you mean by the use of the
      > nylon spacer. I can then understand how the fly line (either the
      > 2mm line or Triptease which is what I will replace the stock line
      > when my test series is done) would just be tied off to the rubber
      > tubing and then staked as normal. This would allow the rubber
      > to contract and keep the fly tensioned over time.

      I included some more detailed directions in a reply to Marsanne's
      question. The spacer replaces the need to "tie" the cord to the
      rubber tubing. The knot might work loose or untie, whereas using a
      spacer slipped into the tubing won't budge. I use cord on my
      Ultralight Backpacker but TripTease on my son's Explorer.

      > You could also do something similar by using one line for the
      > body guy and the fly guy. I have been using the elastic line and
      > it off to the fly, then staking it out in the middle and allowing
      > to self-tension.

      Yeah, I did this originally but it limits somewhat the staking/tie-
      out options you have. I also can't use my "pull the fly out in my
      sleep" trick (I just posted that in another reply above).

      >Jerry's method allows a bit more adjustment on the fly
      > than what I have been using even though I have used this setup
      with a
      > trekking pole to adjust the height.

      Precisely why I use it. Elegant solution that keeps maximum options
      open at minimal extra weight.

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