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Re: Hammock Camping Digest Number 204

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  • rosaleen43@aol.com
    Tony- I should be on the run, but will try to answer a couple of questions. It sounds as if you have the palatial Safari Deluxe with the hex shaped fly. I
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 27, 2003

      I should be on the run, but will try to answer a couple of questions.  It sounds as if you have the palatial Safari Deluxe with the hex shaped fly.  I think it doesn't require a second side to side stabilizer for the tarp, just the length tensioner.  You have two fly tie outs on each side.  This model is REALLY great for sitting under the tarp, sling chair style, out of the sun or rain.  (See pictures of the hammock as a chair at the hennsessyhammock.com web site.)  It does have a heavier fly; I think it is polyurethane coated.  I would put the coated side down, but either way, rain will not go through.  You might have an easier time sliding the SnakeSkins over just the hammock body, or wrapping the fly around the hammock body, securing it with one tie out (wrapping it), and slipping your partially closed hand along in front of the Snake skin.  I didn't get 'Skins with my Safari Deluxe, so this part is conjecture.  I do have a set for my Backpacker Asym.  I loaned my brother my Safari Deluxe and haven't seen it in months, so I can't answer much more than this.  Do try setting up the Safari with one side pull out untethered and folded back as a chair.  Prop up that side of the fly for view and ventilation.  You will really get a sense of luxury!

      The prototype model of the Safari Deluxe had a full zipper.  Tom eliminated it in subsequent models.  More weight and things to go wrong in the field, I guess.



        From: "tonydemarco66" <tonydemarco66@...>
      Subject: The Safari

      Does anyone else own the Safari?

      I was surprised by a couple of things.

      1st, no clipping the fly to the hammock lines on both ends twice. 
      Only the tensioner related fastening.

      2nd, two tie outs on both sides of the fly, which is now a
      symetrical, sort of diamond shape (there are little pockets built in
      to the corners, to stuff the guy-lines).

      3rd, the rainfly is of a significantly thicker nylon product.  It
      seems much more two-sided than on the E, inasmuch as one side is of
      a very different texture, and I wonder which side for sure, I should
      have facing up.

      Having said that, it is much roomier. I haven't experimented with
      it much yet, but I think it will be more comfortable.

      It was much more difficult to pack away with the 'snakeskins' due
      largely to the thicker, bigger rainfly.

      Also, I thought I had read some reviews of the Safari which
      indicated some kind of zipper entrance, but this has the standard
      velcro, which seems fine.

      Any personal observations with the product, would be appreciated.


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