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RE: Hammock Camping Hammocks side by side

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  • Ed Speer
    Thanks for the link to your double hammock pics Rick. It is nice to sleep that way, isn t it? Karen & did the same thing last month by positioning hammock
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 23 9:25 AM
      Thanks for the link to your 'double hammock' pics Rick.  It is nice to sleep that way, isn't it?  Karen & did the same thing last month by positioning hammock stands side-by-side.  We were at the cavers' gathering in Indiana and slept in our hammock this way each night in a grassy field without trees. We've also done the same thing on camping trips in the woods...Ed
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      Hi gang,

      I am having a ball camping with the hammock this summer!  I recently
      added a couple images showing how hammocks can be used next to one
      another to a page I began last winter.  These images come from a hike
      in Zalinski State Forest across the July 4 weekend, where our air
      temperature was about 90. 

      To see the new pics, check  out:


      Or if that does not fit on one line use:



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