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cheap alternative for a hammock 'under-quilt'

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  • simva2020 <simva2020@yahoo.com>
    I have recently ordered a bounty of materials that I will be using to construct an underquilt for my Hennessy A-sym. Many of us are within the cult Hennessy
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 19, 2003
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      I have recently ordered a bounty of materials that I will be using
      to construct an 'underquilt' for my Hennessy A-sym.
      Many of us are within the cult Hennessy and therefore know the
      challenges this type hammock creates for cold weather usage. If you
      have traveled the forums on the internet you also know that many
      attempts have been made to allow the Hennessy type to be used in
      winter range temperatures. Some have even stumbled upon this link:
      or have learned of the Speer 'sleeping pod'.
      When all is said and done it must surely be acknowledged that the
      suspended quilt is the answer for Hennessy winter use and this
      understanding reflects the negatives of trying to stay aloft on a
      slippery Thermarest or Walmart windshield reflector. It also admits
      that it is beyond angst and pain to worm one's way into a sleeping
      bag that has a pad inserted into its sleeve.
      So I await the arrival of 12oz. of Primaloft, 3 yards of sil-nyl, 3
      yards of aluminized sil-nyl, elastic, and an array of fasteners in
      which to attach the underquilt to my A-sym.
      As I was mentally constructing the quilt- thinking of where to place
      the elastic so I can enter the bottom slit of the Hennessy and have
      the quilt pop back into place after entry, thinking of where the
      attachment points would be to accomodate the induced curvature after
      lying inside the hammock, and thinking of where all the dollars are
      going, an 'aha' phenomenon hit me. It was after mentally tallying
      what all those parts and pieces will cost and then realizing that
      when said and done the quilt would cost more than the Ultralite A-sym
      that there was probably an easier and cheaper alternative in my
      closet-and maybe in yours too.
      Here is what's lying in my closet unused:
      Do you see what I see? And believe me, it is cheeper than buying all
      the necessary fabrics to craft one of your own.
      There are differences. This sleeping bag is close to 3 pounds but
      remember you will only need part of it to suspend under your hammock-
      say 1.5 pounds of it. The beauty is that it is Primaloft which will
      insulate when wet and with a healthly dose of DWR it may out perform
      the sil-nyl I plan on using. Because you will have to take the
      scissors to it anyway it wouldn't be that big of a stretch to add a
      reflective layer to it before you measure for attachment points.
      Some of the 'ounce weenies' are already moaning about having to carry
      two sleeping bags. Just look at it this way, you are only carrying
      one sleeping bag-just cut in two!
      I am going the Arc-Alpinist route on top just for variability but a
      large enough sleeping bag to start with that has been 'halved' into
      one for suspending under the hammock and the other as top quilt-may
      be all that you need to push the temperature limits of the HH!
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