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Re: TahoeAreaLetHammocks?

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  • rosaleen43@aol.com
    Yo, Marsanne! Leave the pepper spray at home, mail it to yourself where you are going (third class, land only), or buy it there. The last I heard, pepper
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 7, 2003
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      Yo, Marsanne!

      Leave the pepper spray at home, mail it to yourself where you are going (third class, land only), or buy it there.  The last I heard, pepper spray was a huge "NO-NO" for air travel.  Even in checked bags.  Ther must be some tiny percentage fo a chance that the can could somehow discharge and get into the air supply.  You wouldn't want to have it complicating your trip, at any rate. 

      Good luck with the job prospects.  My husband has looking for work going on 2 years.  The job market is tough for computer related industries and many others. 

      I've used my hammock in a couple of state parks where they didn't approve of lines around trees.  Wait until it is plenty dark and get the hammock down before people get up, if you have to.  You aren't trying to demo and generate hammock interest, just a comfortable night's rest.

      Good luck in all your endeavors!


        From: "canoetrip_2000" <firefly@...>
      Subject: TahoeAreaLetHammocks?

      Hi all,
      I haven't posted in awhile. My political job ends in January and I
      have been grinding out resumes and cover letters. I am about to hop
      out to Reno, NV for a conference, then I am stealing an ENTIRE WEEK
      to myself for mental rehab. I am leaving Tuesday for the conference,
      which ends Friday. Then I have a rental car and am heading west,
      will be going back to Reno the following Thursday to fly back home.

      I am not sure where I am going to camp and am looking for
      suggetions. Tahoe area? I have had zero time to plan, but my camping
      gear is in a constant state of readiness. All I have to do is add
      food and decide where I am going. I am bringing my Hennessy. I
      remember reading somewhere that Tom Hennessy really got angry at
      authorities at some state park in CA because they would not allow
      him to set up his hammock. Do any of you know anything about CA
      having a policy prohibiting hammocks?

      I would like to bring my SW Airweight 38, but I have a picture of a
      headline like this:
      "Aide to Louisiana Governor Arrested by California Authorities for
      Illegal Concealed Weapon in Backpack, Hauled Off to Jail,
      Screaming: 'It doesn't COUNT if its in a backpack!!'"

      So the gun stays here. Pepper spray goes, though.

      I am going alone, which worries my mother, but not me. I have done
      so before, but it has either been in places I know very well, like
      the Grand Canyon, or places I have spent a long time researching,
      like the Ozark Highlands Trail.

      I would love feedback. I will have computer access until next Friday

      Thanks!   Firefly  (Marsanne) in Baton Rouge

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