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RE: [Hammock Camping] Clark Jungle vs. War Bonnet

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  • James Wampler
    First off, welcome to camping in a hammock!! As for your question, I ve actually camped in all 3! I like the pockets of the Clark. With some mods, it can be
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      First off, welcome to camping in a hammock!! As for your question, I've actually camped in all 3! I like the pockets of the Clark. With some mods, it can be made into something acceptable. I spent a summer at a camp, sleeping in it day after day; I would encourage at least putting a ridgeline in to make things easier. (If you are new and don't know what a ridgeline is, it keeps the sag on the hammock consistent...check out hammockforums.net - it is a treasure trove of info!) I grew not to like the lay of the Clark as much as the other two hammocks however.

      The Hennessy has a better lay, and a built in ridgeline...as well as a nifty way to enter! http://www.2qzqhammockhanger.com/ <--these guys will modify your hammock for a top entry option as well! I would consider changing out the lines, but its not necessary; its pretty much good to go from the box (or stuffsack rather :) )

      The Warbonnet is far and away my favorite. It comes ready to rock with absolutely no modification. You have different options as far as suspension (lines, or straps with adjusting buckles) There is the nifty "foot box" that allows a better lay, and the shelf that is really nice to have around. The main thing about this hammock is that you know that Brandon aka WarbonnetGuy on HF knows his stuff; its in all the details of his hammocks. The ideas are creative, and you'll just notice alot of small things that help out in the long run. Like the way he attaches shock cord to the guyline strings. I would never have thought about adjusting it the way he does.

      As far as winter camping, the Clark will definitely have its following (esp. the North American). Winter camping in a hammock will present challenges as hammock hanging is colder in general (what do the brainiacs call it? Convective heat loss?) The ClarkNA has those six pockets that you can stuff things in, but WarbonnetGuy sells a dbl layer option on his BlackBird hammock. This means you can stuff a pad in there when it gets cold.

      If you want to go out when it gets REALLY cold, you will want to look into underquilts. They can get pricey! Jacks R Better makes some good ones, but you can find a whole slew of them by running a search on hammockforums.net - they have an entire forum section devoted to them!

      I don't have any experience with underquilts however. I'm a 3 season guy.

      Bottom line, I've spent many nights in the Clark, Hennessy, and BlackBird (warbonnet) - - My opinion is the BlackBird. If I got a quilt, I would go with his Yeti 2/3 quilt.

      -Wamparoo from Hammockforums

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      Date: Thu, 15 Oct 2009 00:42:27 +0000
      Subject: [Hammock Camping] Clark Jungle vs. War Bonnet

      In a pickle here...I'm a winter camper primarily and am venturing into hammock camping.

      I'm wanting to compare the Clark Jungle hammocks to the War Bonnett (and possilby the Hennessy hammocks), but am leaning toward one of the first two.

      I don't want to be rude here, but I'm looking for an objective opinion ONLY from those that have utilized BOTH brands. If you have only tried one OR the other please refrain from comment. (not trying to be crass here, just need to keep the comments very focused)

      Thank you in advance.



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