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Re: [Hammock Camping] Hammocks for Scouts

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  • Jeff Barnes
    Thanks. This was the basic plan I had in mid, but you had a couple of points that will improve on my first idea. Unfortunately WalMarts around here have
    Message 1 of 5 , Jul 28, 2009
      Thanks. This was the basic plan I had in mid, but you had a couple of points that will improve on my first idea. Unfortunately WalMarts around here have stopped selling fabric so I have to look elsewhere.

      We are in north GA near the beginning of the AT so trees are plentiful...sometimes too much so when trying to find tent sites

      I used to be a Buffalo......

      From: Ralph Oborn <Ralph.oborn@...>
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      For my scouts we make a modified version ot the Risk Test Hammock,
      This is a quick and easy hammock that may not last for decades but will get
      kids started thinking about their shelter.

      Buy 4 yards of material at Wal-Mart ($1.50 a yd)
      Non stretchy works best

      Get some strapping two 12 to 20 foot pieces, 1 inch wide

      If you can find "Mule tape" from an electrician it's great
      or old motorcycle tie down straps (cut off all the metal)
      or look at army navy stores
      or buy some strapping

      Must be able to hold at least 600 lbs of tension (that's the way the forces

      For a rainfly we use an 8x10 blue tarp hung on a diagonal with a seperate
      ridge line.
      No sewing or hemming needed.
      Spread out the material, and gather the shoet end in both hands.
      start from both corners about 3 inches down and work towards the center top.
      when it is gathered you should have two fists full of material with the
      corners sticking up as "ears" two inches tall
      (Like Batman's mask)

      Combine into one fist about a foot down and keeping the "ears" intact fold
      the material to make a loop (or bight in knot terms)

      # #
      ## ##

      Using the strapping tie a sheet bend through the material bight. (see any
      scout handbook, or knot book or knot website)
      To really do it right do a double sheet bend (two loops around the standing
      part of the material then feed through the top loop twice also).

      Snug the knot carefully.

      find two trees about 20 foot apart

      Tie with the hammock hangers wrap

      Test all knots then climb in.

      Note the "ears" makes a pocket that will keep thecenter of gravity (that
      means you) below the sides of the hammock.
      So you are stable and will not fall out.
      Experiment with different hang angles for comfort.
      Also try sleeping at a diagonal to the line of the hammock for a flatter
      Even in summertime a sleeping pad under you will keep you more comfy.

      The biggest challenge is teaching the scouts that these are not a "swing" if
      you push on them enough you can tumble a scout out! :]

      - Ripstop @ $6.00 can be found if you are willing to spend a little more.
      - For scouts the slight amound of stretch difference between poly and
      nylon strapping doesn't seem to matter.
      - Can you find places to camp with enough trees?


      Troop 353 Pocatello, Idaho
      I used to be an antelopeee.. ...

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