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Hammock Camping Re: Three Digests Later...

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  • Risk
    Hi Ed, Yep, that is the reason I tested my hammock with the weight of the two of us as well. I use three bar tacks presently, but I am trying to make it
    Message 1 of 6 , Jul 2, 2003
      Hi Ed,

      Yep, that is the reason I tested my hammock with the weight of the
      two of us as well. I use three bar tacks presently, but I am trying
      to make it strong enough to hold about 600 pounds... unlike in my
      climbing days when I would not have been satisfied with a load
      strength of under 3000-6000 pounds. It is amazing how much pull you
      can get in a fall.

      If anyone wants to put together a hammock that works perfectly well
      for two so you can do tests on webbing, just use two layers of 1.9
      ripstop. It works very nicely.


      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "Ed Speer" <info@s...> wrote:
      > Jim, Rick Just a note about testing webbing strength--Any stitching
      > holding the webbing together (as in the knots or end loops) will
      > probably be the weak point. I've had no problem using 4 heavy bar
      > in a 4" length, but the quality of the bar tacks & the thread is
      > critical. Weak bar tacks can easily fail, one at a time. A
      > rope climbing expert has recently told me that 4-7 well made bar
      > are standard on climbing harnesses. Sewing bar tacks too heavy, or
      > too many needle holes, can also damage and weaken the webbing--use a
      > round point needle when possible. Otherwise, sew up to 7 bar tacks-
      > they fail, they may do so slowly enought for you to react in time.
      > Inspect the stichting often! ...Ed
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      > Jim wrote:
      > One of the problems I have with a webbing based tie-off system on a
      > homemade hammock is that I can't know for sure what the strength of
      > the webbing is. It's not typically something printed anywhere.
      > I agree it is not printed anywhere and no one can tell you how
      > it is, and if they knew why you wanted to know, you can bet they
      > would say it is not strong enough.
      > Fortunately, one can easily test the stuff. Once you find a source
      > that is acceptable, you can trust it for a while.
      > Easiest method is to tie the webbing between two trees and have you
      > and your friend sit on it. This is a rather standard engineering
      > method of stressing something to twice its normal load. If you are
      > concerned about hurting yourself, put something soft on the ground
      > during the test. Webbing does not usually fail with a bang, but
      > a zipper like sound of breaking as the lengthwise threads snap. I
      > have not had any of the 1 inch poly webbing I have gotten from the
      > fabric store or from Walmart or from Outdoor Wilderness Fabrics or
      > Seattle fabrics fail this test. The test has not even been
      > destructive... the same webbing I tested seems perfectly strong
      > enough for operational use.
      > So if that is what is keeping you from experimenting, give it a try.
      > BTW, the hammock itself with it's bartacked loops of webbing can be
      > tested with the two person test in a 1.9 oz hammock as well. Here
      > you are risking the hammock fabric too, because it really is close
      > breaking when you get 400 pounds in the hammock, but it does
      > to increase your faith in the product.
      > Rick
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