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[Hammock Camping] Re: The crazy junk you can use

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  • m2b1997
    Dave, I agree on the perplexing part. It doesn t seem like their should have been any difference. I still can t figure out any kind of logical, or illogical
    Message 1 of 16 , Jan 11, 2009

      I agree on the perplexing part. It doesn't seem like their should
      have been any difference. I still can't figure out any kind of
      logical, or illogical reason for why things went the way they did.


      Both layers of socks were the same make. They were a thermal work
      sock. Hence why I thought about and went out and bought a pair of
      nylon socks yesterday to give them a try as the under VB layer and
      see if that would change things around. I'm not sure how wicking
      nylon is versus maybe being more VB sided. Anyone care to take a
      stab at it, I am curious. I guess I'm too use to hanging around hot
      air balloons and always feeling ripstop nylon which is designed
      essentially as a VB.

      The socks were dry as far as I know when I removed the VB. I didn't
      really think to feel but since they had only been on a little over
      and hour and my feet had been in a cold environment the whole time
      that should have pretty much kept any kind of moisture to a bare

      I remember someone talking about the hand situation/comparison.
      Normally it seems like I sleep in one of three or four ways.
      Occasionally I sleep with my hands laying right next to the body,
      especially more so when I'm sleeping indoor/warm temps. If I'm
      laying on my side I normally raise both hands up and use them as
      a 'pillow' under the ear that facing down. Otherwise I can find
      myself with my arms crossed, quite often I have noticed this outside
      this past week. I'll have the arms crossed with the hands tucked
      inside, hence the ability of the hands to stay warm that way. The
      other method I have caught myself doing is to cross the hands and put
      them in the center of my chest. This wouldn't help to keep them
      warm. It seems like outside I have noticed a split between the hands
      crossed and placed on the chest and having the arms crossed and the
      hands laying by the opposite ribcage.

      How do you guy manage to keep batteries from dying on you almost
      instantly when winter hiking? LOL!!! I have had such bad luck
      recently, granted with a cell phone, keeping the batteries charged
      it's unbelievable. I was working shoveling snow all day today and
      the boss called. I had only had the phone turned on for about two
      hours since I last recharged it. By the time the two minute
      conversation was over the darn thing was already beeping at me
      telling me the battery was low. I kept the phone on the rest of the
      day, another 4 hours or so. When I got home the battery was showing
      fully charged. Then again it had been in my pocket the whole time
      other than when I pulleed it out to talk to the boss.

      I could see the mp3 player but reading would be difficult as the
      tendency to want to stay as much in the sleeping bag as possible to
      stay warm would make reading rather unpleasant I would think. I'm
      going to have to try that tonight here in the house and see what I
      think. That could be an option since I do have a wind up light that
      requires no batteries. Anymore I think I would use the wind up light
      versus using a Petzel headlamp. It may weigh slightly more but I
      don't have to worry about batteries running dead when I need them the

      MEANT 2B
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