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OFF Topic: Unique hike for Veterans

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  • Jamie D.
    Hi folks, This is a request for help from David B, a member of the Central Arizona Mtn Rescue, and devoted friend. He and his friend Darol need our support.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 28, 2008
      Hi folks,
      This is a request for help from David B, a member of the Central
      Arizona Mtn Rescue, and devoted friend. He and his friend Darol
      need our support. Please read his message and think about how you
      can help these two men on their amazing mission.
      Jamie D

      Friends and Family,

      Some of you may have heard me speak of my upcoming climb, in August,
      on Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa. Although it is the highest peak
      on the continent, rising some 19,000 feet above sea level, for you
      and I it is not more than a challenging multi-day hike. However,
      this trip is quite different and, if successful, will break new
      ground regarding perceptions about what is possible.

      I have been asked by my friend Darol Kubacz to accompany him and be
      the "technical lead" on this climb. What makes this trip so special
      is that he experienced a serious spinal cord injury while serving in
      the United States Army. In fact, he is paralyzed from the chest down
      (T4 injury) and has no use of his abdomen or legs.

      Two years ago, Darol attempted to become the first paraplegic to
      climb Kilimanjaro, completely unassisted and under his own power.
      Unfortunately, he developed HAPE (High Altitude Pulmonary Edema), a
      life-threatening condition, at about 16,000. His HAPE forced him to
      turn around well short of the summit and short of his goal. This
      year, we will be climbing the mountain with a new plan that will
      keep him safer, stronger and more likely to succeed.

      Our goal is not just to touch the top of Kilimanjaro, but to raise
      awareness regarding spinal cord injury and the disabled veterans
      that are affected by this injury. The climb is also focused on
      gaining funding to purchase several of the specially engineered
      wheelchairs that Darol will use on the mountain. This chair has
      allowed him to discover the outdoors and be active in remote areas.
      Essentially, giving him the freedom to enjoy the very things that we
      enjoy – the mountains, hiking and spending time with our friends.

      Darol tours around the country meeting with other spinal cord injury
      disabled veterans teaching them how to use the machine. Many of them
      are at a low point in their lives and once they discover the freedom
      that the machine provides, they gain hope and a desire to push
      themselves further.

      The reason for my email is to ask a favor. Until a few weeks ago we
      had a partnership with a company that promised to financially
      support the climb, yet backed out at the last minute. I have a
      personal goal to raise over $50,000 within the next two weeks so
      that we can meet our goal of purchasing ten of the $5,000 machines.

      I understand that we all support our own causes, yet consider this –
      the funding that I raise will go directly to purchasing machines
      that make a direct difference in the lives of our disabled veterans.
      No money will go to pay high-price "non-profit" CEO's or other
      administrative fees.

      If you are unable to support us, watch the website for news from
      Kilimanjaro. Please check out the enclosed letter from Darol.

      Thank you,
      David - (dbremson@...)
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