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Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: A lot to learn!!!

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  • Tom Frazier
    You could follow the same directions you can easily find elsewhere (imrisk, hammockforums.net, speerhammocks.com, etc.), but instead of tying the end knot,
    Message 1 of 18 , Apr 27, 2008
      You could follow the same directions you can easily find elsewhere (imrisk, hammockforums.net, speerhammocks.com, etc.), but instead of tying the end knot, simply sew up a tube on the ends, like what you find on a Claytor (http://www.mosquitohammock.com/images/picJungleHammockEnd.JPG), and reinforce the inside outter edges of this pocket with poly webbing for reinforcement. Sew the heck out of this pocket (see image for example) so that it doesn't come apart on you when you get in (I've had no problems whatsoever with the Claytor's pocket)...then loop your 1" strap through this pocket, wrap it a couple of times around the tree(s) and then attach it to the other end of the strap however you see fit (I'm going to use these on mine: http://www.onrope1.com/store/index.php?p=product&id=118&parent=4 They have a minimum order of 5 now, which isn't a problem for me, since I'll just get 6 so I have enough for the three hammocks my family will be using)...

      You can buy reasonably priced kits from Ed Speer, that cost around $70 USD....not bad, considering the digital camo. hammock I'm making for my wife, with all the bells and whistles, is going to cost me around $90 USD in materials, and then I'll need to buy material for a tarp (for now, will probably let my wife use my claytor tarp, since she'll be camping in the summer time with me and won't really need much in the way of a tarp; though, I can fit two hammocks under the speer winter tarp if I don't close it up all the way). Though, you can get a kit from Ed Speer for *both* a hammock and tarp from $99 up to $137 USD, depending upon the size you opt. for (http://www.speerhammocks.com/Products/HammockKits.htm).

      These Speer kits are substantially more affordable than even the Claytor hammock I ordered, which now costs $150 USD (back in the day they cost only $120), which includes both a hammock and diamond tarp. He also sells all the materials you need to build your own hammock/tarp from scratch at really good prices that beats many competitors selling the same materials.

      Good luck!!

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      Subject: [Hammock Camping] Re: A lot to learn!!!

      Another newbie here in the UK.

      I'm looking for a good pattern for a capming hammock but most seem to
      involve tying bulky knots in the material.

      Can you guys send me some tried and tested patterns that you've used.


      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "thomassen_ralph"
      <thomassen_ralph@...> wrote:
      > While preparing to purhcase gear a 50 mile AT hike later this year
      > and my sons stumbled upon a hammock camping site: Just Jeff's
      > Page. We were amazed at what all could be done with so very little
      > expense.
      > We ran directly to the Walmart down the road and purchased some
      > material that I am fairly certain might possibly be ripstop nylon.
      > the very least, if it gets a hole in it it does not come apart. We
      > rushed straight home, made some folds, tied some knots, and hung
      > hammocks in the back yard. We then realized that we had made
      > for the 6 year old. Back to Walmart for more material, at this
      > I am pretty glad its only $1/yard. This time, 4 yards worth each!!
      > rushed back home,again, Eureka, we had done it. We were the envy of
      > the nighborhood! We threw our hammocks and ropes into our packs,
      > the next weekend we were off. An overnight hike at Franklin
      > Roosevelt State Park in Warm Springs Georgia. A really fun place
      > lots of history. Some of our scout troop were in tents, one a bivy,
      > three brave lads laid on a comforter, and covered up with plastic.
      > Not us, we like kings, looking down on all the paeons sleeping on
      > ground. As the sun set and wind picked up I began to remember that
      > somewhere I had read that hammocks are hard to insulate. Something
      > do with air space. Luckily we had all packed out sleeping mats out
      > habit. We threw those into our homemade hammocks, and with crappy
      > Coleman sleeping bags we were quite comfortable through the night.
      > later found out it was in the mid to high 40's. I woke in the
      > refreshed, and ready to take on the world. Thanks to all of you
      > have contribuited to the wealth of info on the web regarding
      > camping!!
      > Ralph, Chandler and Jared.
      > Troop 14 Griffin GA


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