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Re: use of spreader bar

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  • tim garner
    ... like ... and ... bit ... allow ... fly ... paddy... if you go to the photo section of this site, then click on last , then go to the previous page (next
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 28, 2008
      --- In hammockcamping@yahoogroups.com, "paddydrury"
      <paddy.drury@...> wrote:
      > I have just got my second DD hamock (2008 version))
      > It comes complete with a sewn in fly net.
      > I was thinking of using a home made spreader bar as I find I dont
      > the bunching at head and feet. I am not very tall at all 5ft 6in
      > the hammock is plenty long enough, but... I still would like that
      > of extra space around my head.
      > I was thinking of adding a spreader bar to stop the bunching and
      > the hammock and fly netting to take on a more box like form. The
      > net does have loops at the top to allow a small stick and a bit of
      > elastic to lift the net clear.
      > Any thoughts kind people???

      paddy... if you go to the photo section of this site, then click
      on "last", then go to the previous page (next to last page) you will
      see an album titled "slowhike's end covers" or something close to
      there you'll see the spreader bar method that i've been since i
      posted those photos about one year ago.

      i sleep in my hammock every night at home or away. i used it a few
      times since then with out the spreader bar just for experimentation,
      but soon put it back in.

      i really like the open feel i get like that. ...tim
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