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Re: [Hammock Camping] any knee comfort tips for Speer 8.5?

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  • Rick
    When on my side, I find that crossing my ankles helps to eliminate the side of the knee pain I sometimes used to have. Risk
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 11, 2008
      When on my side, I find that crossing my ankles helps to eliminate the
      side of the knee pain I sometimes used to have.


      Cara Lin Bridgman wrote:
      > Hi Bill,
      > I'd say more sag and longer hammock. I'm short (5'3"), so normal
      > hammocks about 9' long and 4'6" wide work great for me. A longer and
      > wider hammock may help you. It is possible to have too much sag--as I
      > found after I cut my ridgeline on my HH backpacker asym.
      > I usually solve knee (and heel) problems two ways: diagonal and recliner.
      > Diagonal: The usual way is lots of diagonal. If I get myself in my
      > hammock at the right diagonal, there ends up being a bend in the hammock
      > right where my knees go. I tend to have my head a good foot lower than
      > my feet, but my butt is almost centered in the hammock.
      > Recliner: I sit in the hammock in the usual place with my head and back
      > on the center line. Then, I have one leg going off each side of the leg
      > diagonal. If placed right, the hammock makes a wrinkle right under my
      > knees that supports a slight bend.
      > In both cases, after I lay down in the hammock, I may scoot myself
      > closer to the leg half. Even with these methods, though, I can still
      > get some stress on my knees. The other part of the solution is to work
      > on consciously and sub-consciously maintaining just the slightest bend
      > in the knee. The diagonal and the recliner methods help. Frog-legs
      > work great, too. You're right, though, in that they make it harder to
      > keep warm.
      > Another way of sleeping in the hammock is in a ball on the side. Curl
      > up into a loose ball, on the diagonal, with your back to the head end
      > and your knees bent on the center line. I find that when sleeping on my
      > side in a hammock, I don't have the shoulder and arm squeeze problem of
      > sleeping on my side in a bed. This is probably the warmest method and
      > the way I find myself on cold mornings.
      > I've tried all these ways of sleeping in a hammock in both my HH and in
      > my 'traveler' top-loading hammock (US$20-25 from Campmor.com). I like
      > the traveler and the HH for their floppy sides.
      > CL
      > billybob38801 wrote:
      >> Or, what are y'alls favorite items to use under your knees for those
      >> who use that approach? Any tips on maximizing knee comfort in a Speer
      >> hammock will be appreciated.
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