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RE: [Hammock Camping] Re: How can I hang my hammock indoors?

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  • David Fox
    I can agree with your thread as long as I don t have to pay an increased cost to my insurance or hospital to defray the cost of maintaining you in a vegetative
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      I can agree with your thread as long as I don't have to pay an increased
      cost to my insurance or hospital to defray the cost of maintaining you in a
      vegetative state from an accident where you didn't wear a helmet. I agree
      that it should be the choice of a rational adult to wear or not wear a seat
      belt, or helmet or rock climb without fall protection. It should be
      understood that there should be no special or particular care taken in the
      event that you have an accident. Kind of like an automatic DO NOT RECUCITATE
      order. If we didn't live in a litigious society, there would be a lot of
      other warnings and laws that we wouldn't have to hassle with. We would all
      assume that, hey, you pay your money and you take your chances. Period. You
      are responsible for your own choices, and no one else. Still plenty of work
      for the lawyers when something injures two separate parties, not related to
      each other.

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      I don't know if I would compare it to a car but, maybe you could compare it
      to a bicycle. When I was growing up it was unseen for anybody except
      professional racers to be wearing a helmet while riding a bike. Now there
      are laws requiring kids to where helmets. My experience with bicycles
      growing up have required no helmet that I could see. But hey I wasn't doing
      flips and stuff like that. So where is the point where society is going to
      say you shouldn't hang like that with out a safety harness. To this day if
      it was legal I would not wear a helmet or a seatbelt. I have had some nasty
      ATV accidents and can see the need for a helmet but if your old enough to
      make the decision it should be your choice not a mandate. I recall one
      accident I had that involved an extreme high speed Tbone crash with another
      quad and if I had been wearing a helmet the handle bars would have taken my
      head off or at the very least broken my neck. It's scary when you can see
      happening in slow motion. I guess it's all point of view. Do you where a
      helmet when you ride a bike? Or do you take the chance that you aren't going
      to bang your head off a car bumper that day?

      Not funny but related to the seatbelt thing. Did you know your states
      drinking age could be 18 right now and you wouldn't have to wear a seat belt
      or a helmet? Do you know why it's required in your state? Because your state
      agreed to pass that as a law in exchange to recieve money for highway
      maintanence from the federal government. Those laws were a requirement to
      recieve that funding. Does that sound like the people wanted it? Sounds like
      some beurocrats wanted it. Why do they have the right to tell you you need
      to where a seatbelt. If the people really wanted this they would just do it.
      It should be there freedom of choice not you need to wear it or we're going
      to give you a ticket. Where do they get off telling someone they have to do
      this. It should be my choice wether I want to go flying through the
      windshield in a highspeed crash not theres!

      Sorry to get off topic a little bit but it's all point of view giving
      examples that are similar not the same impact force potentials and such.

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      You are still exaggerating the risks of hanging. If they were as
      serious as driving, we wouldn't be letting our kids play in hammocks--at
      least, not without licenses, helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads.

      There's a good chance of getting killed or having a serious
      fender-bender whenever blowing through any intersection with a
      light--regardless of traffic level, road condition, driver habits, car
      condition, etc. I was not considering busy intersections only. I live
      in a country where people routinely consider traffic lights at certain
      intersections 'optional' because the traffic there is low and visibility
      is good. Even for these intersections, drivers will slow down and look
      before driving through! (Since these traffic rules at intersections are
      'optional,' drivers also tend to check their rear-view mirrors for
      tailgaters before making sudden stops for a red light.)

      What's the stats on traffic accidents in the USA--don't most happen
      within 2 miles of home?

      As for hammocks, I consider the odds of getting killed in a falling
      hammocks less than the odds of getting killed by a lightening strike to
      my hammock or hammock tree. Hammocks fall more often, but lightening
      strikes are more deadly.

      Freak accidents, like that Ralph's googled story of the chimney, happen.
      How many of you would have thought that chimney safe?

      Hammock hanging is NOT a high-risk sport. A reasonable amount of care
      and intelligence is all that's required. Accidents happen. That's
      life. Making out a risk to be greater than it really is, is no way to
      get others interested in using hammocks or to get authorities interested
      in accepting hammocks on their grounds (i.e. Florida's band on hammocks).

      How many of you make your friends sign liability wavers, or discuss the
      risks of hanging, before letting them try out your hammock--or do you
      count on your home-owners insurance to cover damages?

      If hammocking is dangerous, then I don't understand why people walk on


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    • Arye P. R.
      Thanks, wish I was there - than I guess being in the Midwest (Chicago), that is why we have have both flea markets and swap meets. The famous one here is the
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        Thanks, wish I was there - than

        I guess being in the Midwest (Chicago), that is why we have have both flea markets and swap meets. The famous one here is the Maxwell Street Market which has been around for better than 100 years.

        Arye P. Rubenstein

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        From: Blake Robert <xflagstaff9@...>
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        Sent: Saturday, February 23, 2008 11:44:14 AM
        Subject: Re: [Hammock Camping] Re: Superstitions hike anyone???????

        I tried living in Ft. Lauderdale-- teaching at Broward
        Community College and Florida Atlantic
        University-- --but, allergies drove me out.

        At that time the Nicaraqua Contra war ended-lots of
        supplies ended up on the market. I found a person
        selling at the Plantation Flea Market--what is called
        a swap meet out west---a pirate's wharf on the Gulf
        Coast. He charged $5/#10 can. I bought many cases. I
        wish I had bought many more.

        Starting to run low exc. on scrambled eggs---so,
        recently bought a case of freeze dried cottage cheese.
        The instructions say to mix with water at at least 72
        degrees F. That wasn't available-so, after using a
        steripen I tried mixing with Superstitions creek water
        and found the curds just floated. You can eat
        dry---sort of a sweet/sour taste. Very light for its


        --- "Arye P. R." <aprarye@ameritech. net> wrote:

        > Can I ask where the dozens of freeze dried #10 cans
        > of food at $5 each came from
        > Arye P. Rubenstein

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