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Re: [Hammock Camping] Tragic Story Evolving on the AT in Georgia

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  • Michael Caccavale
    This is the new update I found. Officials have named a person of interest in the search for missing hiker Meredith Emerson, and are searching for Gary Michael
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 3, 2008
      This is the new update I found.
      Officials have named a person of interest in the search for missing hiker Meredith Emerson, and are searching for Gary Michael Hilton, 60.

      According to investigators, Hilton owns two vehicles, both registered in DeKalb County: a white 1996 Chevrolet Astro Van with plate number 76APZ, and a white 2001 Chevrolet Astro Van with license plate number AFQ1310.

      Officials said they want to know what Hilton said to Emerson on the Appalachian Trail. They said that Hilton has been named as a person of interest in the case.

      Anyone with any information is asked to call the Union County Sheriff at 706-439-6066.
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      that is bad news. i hope & pray the best for her but it sure doesn't sound good.

      Dave Womble <dpwomble@...> wrote: This is bad news but thought I would share it with my friends since
      some of us where in this area and some may be out there now. I'm
      guessing temperatures got down near single digits in that area last
      night as they were in the high teens at my house near Atlanta. Blood
      Mountain is about 30 trail miles north of Springer Mountain.


      "Search Resumes for Missing Hiker

      Reported by: Duffie Dixon
      Web Editor: Michael King
      Last Modified: 1/3/2008 9:54:53 AM

      A helicopter is scouring a North Georgia mountain for any signs of a
      missing woman who went hiking on New Year's Day.

      Officials have asked all other hikers to remain off blood mountain as
      they use an infrared device to pick up body heat on the mountain.

      Emergency personnel have been staked out on the Appalachian Trail on
      Blood Mountain since Wednesday. Cold weather and darkness forced crews
      to suspend the ground search for Meredith Emerson, 24, Wednesday
      night. Emerson took her dog with her on a hike there in Union County,
      and neither has been seen since Tuesday.

      She is described as an experienced hiker who knows the area well.
      Friends said that Emerson does not get turned around easily, causing
      them more concern over her whereabouts. Given the cold weather,
      friends and family are desperate to find her.

      "Meredith is my roommate. She did not come home last night. She left a
      note that said she was going hiking yesterday afternoon," said her
      roommate. "She didn't come home, and then her dog wasn't there this
      morning, which it usually is, and then we heard that she did not show
      up for work, which is very unlike her."

      Her car was found in the trailhead parking lot, covered in snow. But
      there was no sign of Meredith or her dog.

      While the sheriff's department and GEMA are handing it as a missing
      persons' case, there are some details that have friends concerned.
      According to her roommate, a former police officer hiking on the trail
      on Tuesday said he recalled seeing her and her dog and that he also
      noticed a man on the trail that gave him an uneasy feeling. That man
      was carrying a police baton.

      The former officer said he continued up the hill. He said that when he
      came back down the hill he found some of Meredith's belongings
      including a leash, two water bottles and some dog treats. Also, next
      to those items, were a police baton and some men's sunglasses. He
      turned those items into a local shop owner.

      All of that information is being checked into and the former officer
      returned to the scene Thursday morning to help pinpoint the area where
      he saw the suspicious man.

      Searchers covered about six miles of the Appalachian Trail on Wednesday."

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