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new member part 2

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  • firstoffoot
    HI all, I would like to start by saying the info I have found on here so far has been very helpful. 2 months ago I was shopping around for new kit (mainly
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 15, 2007
      HI all,

      I would like to start by saying the info I have found on here so far
      has been very helpful.

      2 months ago I was "shopping" around for new kit (mainly military as
      I am in that world) when I came across the Hennessey hammocks on a
      UK kit web site (RVops) They also have a video on you tube to
      demonstrate the features. I must say I was so impressed I ordered
      one straight away.

      So far I have only been able to test it in my back yard, but have
      modified it in a few ways.

      1) To thread the rope through the tree huggers I find is a pain. So
      I use 1 Karabiner at each end and tie the rope to these.

      2) I have added drip lines just under the "tarp" on the main line.
      Also I have find it a good idea to keep the "snake skins" fully open
      along the whole line of the rope. In a good down pour only a minimum
      of the rope is getting wet.

      3) The internal overhead line in the hammock is a great idea, 3
      pockets is now opened to one main and one small pocket. The hooks
      inside again I find a pain to put things into and get back off, so I
      have just trimmed down the "gate" so I can just hook things on.

      4) The loops on the end of the ridge lines again are a great idea. I
      have added some shock elastic cord and a small karabiner, at the
      bottom I leave my boots clipped to a larger karabiner. At my head I
      have my webbing again on a large karabiner. These lines and
      karabiners fold in with the hammock

      5) The cords to tie down the hammock and tarp, I have taken off.
      Again my friends at RVops have a great idea to modify bungees. I
      bought 10 metres of cord and "cleats" (adjustable hooks) I made up 6
      new Bungees with original hooks and a cleat at each end.
      I have one at each side tying up hammock and tarp which can be
      adjusted and pegged down.

      6) To sleep on I have a roll mat, but find this hard to get into
      position when trying to get in my sleeping bag. So, I have now got a
      car sunscreen reflector , find it just as warm and easily to shift

      Now I know some of these ideas are already out there and some maybe
      new to others, but I wish to share these ideas and ask for help from
      seasoned "hammockers" to improve on what I have done so far. Many
      thanks for ready this message.


      P.s. I'll post some pictures ASAP
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